5 Jobs to Do: The Essential Home Maintenance Checklist

Come spring and we all invest some portion of our free time to dust off our homes and get them aired and ready for the hot-season months. And as this is the period that we tend to spend most of our days outdoors, who would want to devote their summer weekends on scrubbing away and decluttering when they can go to the beach?

This is why, most folks would get into ‘once it’s done, it’s done’ mode in early to mid spring and go on a mad mission to spruce up their houses. They would also fret about doing all the repairs and odd jobs around the home, as well as clear up their gardens to get them in good shape for the coming barbeque season.

So, the idea behind this post is for HIREtrades to inspire you with this comprehensive checklist of maintenance chores, which you could do this spring.

There’s no need to struggle with all of them on your own when there’s always professional help at hand.

1. Throw away all the junk once and for all

Before you even make a dash for the mop and furniture polish, declutter your entire property, first. There is little point to dust around the long-broken CD-player when you can just ditch it for good. Go through your basement, attic and garage and pile up all the stuff you’ll never use, ready for disposal. Hire a skip or contact a rubbish removal company to help you clear your home from old clutter, empty boxes, disused furniture, worn-out clothing, uncomfortable mattresses, your kid’s rusty and long-outgrown bike and so on.

2. Get the deep spring clean out of the way

Well, this is a major job, of course, which you can spread out doing gradually in a space of a week or two. And for some tasks that need more than just elbow grease, don’t be afraid to call for an expert helping hand. According to the Fantastic Services Group, using professional services is well worth it in the long run, as they will save you time and effort while getting the quality job results that you may fail to achieve if doing the task yourself.

Here are the areas you can focus on getting scrubbed and polished on top of your general cleaning chores that you dread regularly and unwillingly do once a week:

    • Windows – Surely, stormy winter weather has left your windows covered in smears, rain streaks and sticky dust. Not to mention the little fudgy fingerprints, generously spread all over the interior glass by your toddler after a winter series of ‘bake-off’ weekends, preparing delicious and hearty treats.  
    • AC system and ductworks – Your aircon units or duct system should be checked and cleaned once a year by a specialist and what better time than after the heating season? Without a doubt, regular ductwork cleaning maintenance is important, so make sure your heating/cooling system is in good working order and get it professionally sanitised. This way, you’ll ensure its immaculate working efficiency and enjoy a healthier indoor quality of air.
    • Guttering and downpipes – Another must-do maintenance job that is best done before and after the warm weather months. Fallen, decomposing leaves, plant debris and twigs, as well as insect nests, should be cleared away from your gutters, post-winter, and flushed through the downpipes to get the water flow back to normal and prevent potential damage to your property exterior.
    • Carpets and rugs – Give your carpeting and rugs this spring the deep clean they need so badly by booking a professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning service. You’ll not only have old and fresh stains removed from your floor covering but also neutralise any allergy triggers, such as dust mites, mould spores or pet residues.
    • Upholstered furniture – Your sofa and armchairs could, of course, do with a thorough vacuum clean to get rid of all the popcorn debris, accumulated between the cushions during winter home cinema nights. But while at it, why not deep clean your furniture with a professional product and restore its original look and condition?
    • Mattresses – Hire a home steam cleaning equipment or book a specialised service to steam clean your mattresses, too. Your family’s bed pieces can become easily ‘soaked’ with all sorts of germs and bacteria, as well as pet parasites and other vermin insects.
    • Tiles and grout – Your bathroom boasts beautifully designed tiles of a trendy pattern. But what happens when you neglect the grout in between? They start to look dull and unattractive. So, scrub off all the dirt, limescale and soap deposits from your shower-room tile surfaces with a homemade cleaning solution or a multi-purpose cleaner. Polish all tile floors, the kitchen splashback and any partially tiled walls around the house, too.
    • Oven and hobs – You will extend your cooker’s lifespan if you clean it properly, inside out, every now and again. And it goes without saying that your food will taste better out of a spotless oven.
    • Barbeque – The same goes for your outdoor cooking device, be it a gas grill or a barbeque. Get it deep cleaned and serviced before the long garden party summer season, so you don’t rush doing it in the last minute just when your guests are about to turn up.
      • Fridge and freezer – We all tend to hate the nuisance chore of defrosting and cleaning the fridge. It’s the defrosting part, really, that makes us put off the job for another time. But just pick a day and do it! It’s where you store your food, so there’s no excuse.
    • Hard-to-reach spots – Kids love throwing stuff behind the sofa and stick their chewing gum under the desk. Yuk. Go through all the areas under your furniture, behind appliances and on top of wardrobes, bookcases and kitchen units and vacuum clean thoroughly to remove the dust and other small bits of rubbish.

3. Ensure that your home is vermin free

Your place now looks and feels fresh and clean, right?

But while polishing away floors and surfaces, you may have come across strange marks on the wall, little holes in the base moulding or a loose floorboard. These are often signs of a potential onset of a rodent problem.

Pesky mice become naturally more active in the spring when their breeding skills are in full-speed mode. Hence, invest in a professional pest inspection and proof your property against a rat or mice infestation by sealing all possible entry points like cracks, crevices and holes. Experienced exterminators can check and determine if your home is prone to or is already affected by an invasion of various pest insects, as well. Cockroaches, dust mites, bed bugs and fleas are all too common vermin crawlies, which have their activity and distribution boosted by warming up the weather.

4. Give your hubby a break and hire a handyman

Finding a handyman to fix all the small odd jobs around the home is rarely on most families’’ to-do-list.

  • Why? Because the man of the house keeps promising that he’ll get them all sorted over the weekend.
  • Sounds familiar? The reality is, however, that your door is still squeaking, the kitchen cupboard door is still hanging and the tap in the bathroom is still leaking. And the new shelf for your son’s room is still resting behind the door, waiting to be fitted one day.

So, just negotiate a repairs day with your hubby or just call a handy expert to install, fix or renovate all the stuff that needs doing. Be it to sand and varnish the window frames, fix the hole in the plaster, replace a broken piece of guttering or repair a pipe leak, a professional handyperson has the tools and experience to do all your small home improvement jobs, often, in just a few hours.

5. Your garden is also crying out for attention

Now that you’ve done wonders with your place, it’s time to get your hands dirty and see to your garden. Spring cleaning and sprucing up your outdoors could include numerous jobs, of course. Here’s a list of some common hardscape and garden maintenance Ideas by Oak Hill Gardens:

    • Garden clearance. The job involves clearing debris and cutting down vegetation, as well as removing spent winter plants, dead shrubs, and fallen branches.
    • Hedge trimming. Depending on your hedge variety, new shoots often need to be helped to grow in the right direction. Hence, trimming/pruning your natural green screen is a job usually done mid-spring.
    • Lawn care. From mowing, aerating, scarifying, overseeding and fertilising your lawn to applying a weed control product –  some of these lawn care jobs are best done in spring or autumn, depending on the type of grass you have.
    • Weeding. New plant life is bursting to show in the spring before you’ve even decided what to put in your garden. Yes, we’re talking about all the weeds you need to remove, preferably, manually.
    • Flower beds preparation. Now that you’ve cleared any unwanted vegetation, dig over and prepare new flower beds so that they are ready for planting.
    • Planting. Spring is the time to plant some new flower varieties and start off your organic vegetable patch. Research all available mid-season vegetable planting ideas and choose to plant the ones that your family enjoys eating the most.
    • Trees and shrubs pruning. This is a slightly more specialised garden maintenance chore that requires skills, good tools and experience. So, if you’re not up to the job, get an expert to show you how.
      • Green waste disposal. Green waste from failed composting attempts along with all the cleared-up plant debris and organic matter from various gardening jobs need to be removed and disposed of. Unless you want to have another go at making a new compost bin.
    • Deck or patio washing. Restore the shiny look of your exterior hard surfaces by pressure-washing your patio, deck and driveway. Clear graveled areas of debris and give your garden furniture a good clean, as well.

Featured Photo Courtesy of rawpixel via Unsplash

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