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Carpet Myths That Will Have You Floored

Do carpets contribute to allergies? Is regular cleaning harmful to carpets? Let’s roll out the red carpet and bust these myths! The word “carpet” actually came from the Latin word “capere” which means “to pluck”, because carpets were apparently made from “plucked” fabric. The word “carpet” has a similar Latin root as “carpe diem”, which literally means “to pluck or to seize the day”. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

Speaking of “seizing the day”, let us seize this moment to learn about the common misconceptions about carpeting.

MYTH #1: Carpets trigger asthma and allergies.

FACT: This is certainly not true. It is a common misconception that carpets contribute to allergies and asthma in people. Just because you have asthma or allergies, it doesn’t mean that carpets should be banned in your home.

allergen-causing substances
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In fact, carpets have the ability to trap allergen-causing substances and prevent them from becoming airborne which aggravates allergies. Keep your home allergy-free by regularly cleaning your carpet to get rid of nasty substances embedded on the surface.

MYTH #2: It is still safe to eat food that has fallen on the carpet as long as it has not touched the ground for more than three seconds.

FACT: The “five second rule” is simply untrue. Just imagine the disgusting germs that comes from pet hair, pet waste, dust mites, insects, or molds, which can cause a variety of illnesses. Carpets are breeding grounds for vile little creatures and all kinds of bacteria.

five second rule
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Various contaminants settle in your carpet everyday. These include:

  • food and beverages
  • dirt, pollen, dust, soil from outside
  • hair and skin cells
  • pet hair and waste

MYTH #3: Frequent vacuuming can ruin carpets.

FACT: It is completely fine to vacuum modern carpets as often as you like. Modern carpets, especially the synthetic ones, are typically made of a strong material which can withstand frequent vacuuming. If you don’t vacuum your carpet often, it will accumulate dust, air pollen, animal hair, and dust mites. It’s better to clean carpets on a regular basis.

MYTH #4: Carpets don’t need cleaning unless they look dirty.

FACT: It is a misbelief that when a carpet does not appear dirty it means there is no dirt that needs to be removed. Regular carpet cleaning can help ensure that they look and smell fresh. The truth is, we practically walk on our carpets everyday. Can you just imagine the dirt and grime that embeds on our carpets when our feet or our shoes land on the floor?

Regular carpet cleaning
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MYTH #5: Bicarbonate of Soda is a great stain remover.

FACT: Just like dishwashing and clothes washing powders, bicarb or bicarbonate of soda may leave residue because of its very high level of alkalinity. Aside from it making a mess and leaving a residue, it can chemically burn the carpet. Unless you have the expertise and knowledge of the chemical make-up of the stain and your cleaning products, it would be best to just use the “water and towel” cleaning method on a fresh stain or seek professional help.

MYTH #6: Bleach is the best carpet cleaner.

FACT: It isn’t the best cleaning product for your carpet. Bleach may be able to remove stains, but it will also change the colour of your carpet. It may stain your carpet further, especially if you directly apply it on your carpet.

best cleaning product
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MYTH #7: Hiring professional carpet cleaners is just a waste of money.

FACT: While regular vacuuming can remove visible dirt, it may be quite difficult to clean tough stains properly. Hiring carpet dry cleaning services or professional carpet cleaners is advisable because they provide advanced deep cleaning techniques and tools that can get the job done. In the long run, professional deep cleaning will benefit you and your family. You will definitely get your money’s worth.

Easy stain removal tips:

  • Quickly attend to the stain. Remove excess moisture as soon as possible. Do not wait until it dries.
  • Do not scrub! Use the “blot and dab” method (start blotting with water and dabbing diluted soap and warm water solution).
  • For a synthetic carpet, use cold water. If you’re cleaning a wool carpet, treat it with warm water.
  • When cleaning large stains, start dabbing from the outside and then work your way towards the center to avoid spreading.

Still unsure if your cleaning methods would be enough to remove tough stains and dirt from your carpet? Seek the help of a professional cleaning service in your area.


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