The Definitive End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Renters

Moving out of your rental property can be stressful especially if it’s your first time. As you look for a removalist, it’s best to have a carefully drafted end of lease cleaning checklist to make the process smooth-sailing.

Your goal as a renter is to leave a good impression in your landlord. One way to achieve that is to keep the property in good condition all throughout your stay. Doing so also helps to regain your rental bond without any deduction and help reduce the work of the next tenant once you’ve decided to leave.

How Do You Begin

Whether your leasing agreement ends in a few days or you’re looking to occupy a bigger rental property, preparing a detailed end of lease cleaning checklist is one of the initial aspects to consider. Here’s what you should look out for:

  1. Upholstery and Furniture
  2. Carpet, Flooring and Rugs
  3. Doors, Windows and Skirting Boards
  4. Cupboards and Bookcases
  5. Drapes and Blinds

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Indoor Spaces

Whether it involves the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, make sure to:

    • Clean the tables, chairs, storage lockers, desks and beds
    • Remove any stains, dust and dirt from and under the cushions
    • Wipe the window sills, door frames and tracks
    • Empty and clean the wardrobes, drawers and shelves
    • Clean the picture rails and skirting boards
    • Wash or wipe the walls and remove any form of grease, cobwebs and dust
    • Dry-clean the curtains and place in original position
    • Dust off air conditioner including the filters and vents
    • Sweep and mop the floor in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and laundry area
  • Fumigate the property (if necessary)

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Kitchens

    • Degrease the oven from the inside out
    • Remove stains from the stove
    • Keep the sink hole free from food and debris
    • Wipe the cupboards and benchtop surfaces
  • Clean the fridge and dishwasher

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Bathrooms

    • Remove moulds from wall and floor tiles
    • Clean and deodorise toilets
    • Polish vanity mirrors
    • Wash shower heads and faucets
  • Dust air vents

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist for Outdoor Spaces

This includes the patio, garden and outdoor equipment:

    • Clean the BBQ grill including the brush and other materials used for grilling
    • Mow the lawn and remove weeds, excess branches and dead leaves
    • Keep the outdoor lighting clean and in good condition
    • Sweep the driveway and remove oil stains
    • Clean the gutter and the garage
  • Remove all rubbish and store in a secured bin

Why You Need End of Lease Cleaning Services

You have the best end of lease cleaning checklist, but your unavailability can impede the cleaning procedures.

Doing the tasks alone can be tiring and time-consuming. While it’s possible to accomplish simple cleaning jobs such as wiping the windows or mopping the floor, it’s good to have someone to do the work with increased safety and less disruption.

With the limited time that you have in finding a new rental home or packing your things up, it would be difficult to manage the cleaning demand in and outside the premises.

Here’s what a professional end of lease cleaning business provides:

    • Comprehensive end of lease cleaning checklist
    • High-quality treatment procedures for your upholstery, carpet and furniture
    • Safety cleaning from top to bottom and back to front
    • Best cleaning practices even after the service
  • Rental bond back guarantee

Some questions to ask during the consultation:

    • Do they focus on the interior or exterior cleaning?
    • Are the staff fully trained to perform the job?
    • Do they arrive on time and provide a reasonable quote?
    • Are they equipped with the necessary supplies and tools to accomplish the tasks?
  • Do they have a verified police check and insurance?

Make sure to ask your prospective local cleaner to ensure that you’re hiring the most experienced team for your rented property.

Before You Forget…

Clarify with your landlord to determine the pricing agreement when acquiring a professional cleaning service. In New South Wales, landlords are prohibited by law to include a term that requires tenants to have the carpet professionally cleaned before ending the lease. This term, however, can slightly change depending on the agreement made between you and the landlord. If you have pets to keep in the property, you’re bound to shoulder the service cost upon leaving.

In Victoria, tenants are to ensure that the rented property stays as ‘reasonably clean’ as before you moved in. Before you agree with any terms, it’s good to get yourself familiarised with your state’s Residential Tenancies Act and speak with your landlord to resolve any concerns.

As a rule of thumb, take a photo of every area of the house before vacating the property. You can also have a friend or your landlord with you when doing the inspection. That way, you can part ways without losing your landlord’s trust and get your bond back in full. It can also help you obtain a good image among other renting businesses.

Keep this end of lease cleaning checklist handy when you’re not sure about where and how to begin. Choose the right tradie through HIREtrades to leave no mess when it’s time to say goodbye to your old rented property.

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