5 Ways that Guarantee a Total Clean and Welcoming Home

total clean home

Nothing is more relaxing than seeing a house free from dust, dirt and mess. Not only does it affect your mood, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle for your family and guests.

Making your house clean and attractive is both a delight and a duty. Whether your house is old or newly bought, maintaining a neat, organised place of living is rewarding.

Here are five (5) ways that guarantee a totally clean and welcoming home that people will love to visit:

1. Start with the basics.

Mopping the floor, wiping the door and window, washing the dishes and doing the laundry are common chores in the house. Doing it regularly will help you save more time and reduce your workload. Putting it off to some other day will delay the work and increase the chance of dust build-up.

Planning in advance and pre-purchasing cleaning materials for different eventualities ensure your readiness for most issues. Furthermore, you can initiate other preventative cleaning chores with products closely at hand.

Don’t wait until an enormous amount of dirt make their way on your belongings. If it’s urgent to dust off your AC or eliminate that unpleasant odour in your bathroom, it’s better to put it on your priority list.

2. Organise your things.

Adding storage lockers that do not eat too much space is a wise choice. Oodles of cabinets, boxes and containers consume a large area. If you notice a bulk of items such as books, papers or magazines stored that are old and no longer of use, you can schedule to organise and filter them out.

Decluttering things like shoes, magazines and the like around the area can improve on your house’s appearance.

Cleanliness requires constant attention. Instilling good habits in all house members makes life easier. Encourage everything to have a place and ensure everyone returns items to where they belong.

3. Say goodbye to your old stuff.

Hoarding old clothes, shoes, cupboards, sofa beds and tables is not a good idea. Giving them to others or reselling them can be more rewarding than tossing them away.

Objects that take up much space like damaged cupboards or tables are also a consideration. Having them properly repaired helps you avoid costs of replacement.

If you haven’t used some of your items for an extended time, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Consider freeing up some space if the answer is no. Not only does a totally clean home drive away pests, but it also contributes to your family’s health benefits.

4. Mind your entryway.

One’s home begins at its front gate according to West Australian interior designer Kim Pearson. Your entryway has the power to create a good impression and transform its entirety into a totally welcoming home.

A smart entryway has an attractive door, impressive lighting and growing houseplants. Improving your door’s design is important as it serves as the core of your property. Whether you are hosting a huge gathering to your place or planning to renovate your house for increased value, it is a wise investment to consider your entry statement.

Setting up step lights is also advisable to prevent hazards and make an impressive entryway.

5. Do some repainting.

It may be obvious but one way to freshen up your property is to invest in repainting projects and ask for a professional’s help. A freshly coated paint for your home’s interior brightens up its look. Using light-shaded colours and minimal patterns can make the entire room appear clearer and wider.

Local House Cleaners

local house cleaners

Home cleaning can sometimes be neglected especially if you are busy with work or family. Your house may be new with good designs and features, but without regular cleaning or maintenance can lose its aesthetic appeal. Worse situations happen as pests creep into your house without your permission.

If you are preparing for a big family event or out of town for business and your house needs a boost, your local house cleaners can always assist you with simple and extensive tasks. Some companies provide urgent services to ensure that your expectations are met. The scope of work may include:

  • Apartment cleaning
  • Move-out cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • End-of-lease cleaning
  • Bond cleaning

Whether your decision is to do a weekly service or have it done fortnightly for guaranteed results, you can expect a thorough clean from professional home cleaners. Having persons whose commitment is to fulfil your cleanliness expectations can go a long way in making your home pleasant and comfortable.