What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning covers a large area of the cleaning business including commercial properties which, by definition, is a building or area where business is conducted.

Let us delve into the different types of commercial cleaning from a company and consumer perspective.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning, simply put, is a service to offer cleaning to commercial properties or spaces. The main difference between conventional cleaning and commercial cleaning is usually the contracts between parties involved and also the scope of the job at hand, with the latter being more larger scale and on a B2B basis.

Different Types Of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning can be segmented by scope and scale with common contracts being on a company to company level. Also common are full building cleaning and premises cleaning (certain areas). The term ‘cleaning’ may be a bit broad and can be differentiated even more by the type of cleaning involved. Carpet cleaning differs from window cleaning which also differs from general office cleaning.

These types of commercial cleaning can also be packaged into contracts with some types being more or less frequent than others. For example, an office in a high-rise building may have a yearly contract to do general office cleaning but also once a month to do window and kitchen cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Coverage

Generally, companies and contracts cover office cleaning, school cleaning, shopping centre cleaning, hospitality cleaning, factory and warehouse cleaning, and many more. But the coverage can also be specific to the type of cleaning involved, such as window cleaning, general cleaning, carpet cleaning, high pressure cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, to name a few. Some commercial companies may also specialise in different areas of cleaning such as floor cleaning, office space cleaning, machinery cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, restoration cleaning etc. End of lease cleaning is a popular cleaning service mostly because of the demand of this type of cleaning – more applicable to

What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company?

With so many commercial cleaning companies around it can be a burden to even initiate a search for one. For a start, experience and reputation are huge factors when choosing the right company. Aside from other obvious factors such as pricing and scope of service, it’s important to look at the manpower companies will be offering for the job(s) at hand. In some cases, it’s good to question and establish the quality of the tools and equipment the company will be using.

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