What Is Spring Cleaning?

spring cleaning

For some, cleaning is not up there with the priorities of life and often or not it is something which lacks consistency.

Not everyone has the time to clean on a regular basis and something which has evolved from the past until present day is something called spring cleaning which, loosely explained, is the practice of cleaning in spring.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is the term used to traditionally carry out a periodic clean after the winter season. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the spring season but is a type of cleaning which isn’t done regularly and instead usually carried out once or twice a year. The term itself, ‘spring cleaning’, is said to come from the days where houses were heated by fireplaces during the winter season and the coming of spring (and warmer weather) meant for easier cleaning including windows and cleaning the underneath of the refrigerator – as well as other difficult to reach places.

Why Do We All Need Some Form Of Spring Cleaning

Whether it’s our own house, office or mode of transport (to name a few), everything needs to be cleaned now and then. A spring clean, if defined by time as an annual clean, should really be the maximum time interval between cleans – 12 months without cleaning anything could prove too long for some! A spring clean reminds us all to clean certain places and certain areas that we wouldn’t usually do on a regular basis.

For a car, you may get the usual interior and exterior clean on a regular basis but not everyone cleans the engine bay or the under chassis with every car wash. The same applies for the harder to reach areas of your house, office or rental property. A spring clean is a good opportunity to give everything a cleaning overhaul.

What Should Be On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Let’s break down your spring cleaning checklist by room:

  • Kitchen:
    • Dust ceiling and corners of walls
    • Dust and clean all frames, kitchen art on walls or counters
    • Dust and clean any ceiling fans including lighting
    • Remove and wash blinds and/or curtains
    • Clean oven with oven cleaner
    • Clean refrigerator and freezer
    • Wipe down and clean appliances including the toaster, blender, microwave etc.
    • Clean out kitchen cabinets and drawers
    • Wash down the sink
    • Sweep and mop flooring
  • Bathroom:
    • Dust ceiling and corners of walls
    • Dust vents and fans
    • Remove and wash blinds and/or curtains
    • Scrub shower and tub
    • Scrub the toilet
    • Wash inside and outside of cabinets
    • Remove and wash any rugs/carpets
    • Sweep and mop flooring
  • Living Rooms:
    • Dust ceiling and corners of walls
    • Dust and clean all frames, art and photographs from the walls
    • Dust and clean any ceiling fans including lighting
    • Remove and wash blinds and/or curtains
    • Dust and clean out any seating including sofas, couches and chairs
    • Dust and clean lamps, tables
    • Dust and clean electrical appliances
  • Bedroom
    • Vacuum the mattress
    • Clean and re-organise your wardrobe
    • Dust window frames and furniture
    • Wash old linens and drapes
    • Remove and wash bed covers
  • Laundry
    • Empty the laundry
    • Clean your washing machine
    • Wipe light fittings
    • Dust ceilings and walls
    • Clean benchtop and laundry sink

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

The best time to start your spring cleaning task is now – and it doesn’t have to be a burden.

It can be easy to ignore the urgency of doing a spring clean, but to avoid delaying the work and increase your productivity, it’s important to prepare a checklist and set a timer.

Don’t forget to give yourself a healthy breakfast before starting off the job. You can also call your local cleaners to help you complete the task in no time.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Elaine Smith via flickr

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