5 Decking Ideas for Spring 2018

This 2018, comfort and functionality are still the top benefits of having a deck. The only difference it has compared to the previous years is the style and design. The new generation’s lifestyle and fast-paced technology has a huge influence on the new trends of deck style and designs.

If you want to learn more, here are the 5 decking ideas for spring 2018!

The Minimalist Design

decking ideasPhoto Courtesy of Artem Bali via Pexels

In today’s fast-paced world, almost everyone aims to get the same thing – a peaceful place where they can relax and, for some, bring their attention back to nature. If this is your goal as well, the minimalist design is one of the best decking ideas for you.

You can re-create this design by choosing a comfortable seating chair, a pebble-shaped coffee table, and outdoor firepit. For the decking materials, you can choose wood because it is eco-friendly and matches your deck’s theme. When it comes to colour, there is no limitation. You can choose either monochromatic or bold colours. Whichever you choose, it will still leave a breathtaking appeal on your deck.

Deck with a Curve

Are you bored with the conventional design of decks? Well, you can now say goodbye to it and say hello to the new deck design with a curve. This design is one of the best decking ideas for homeowners with small spaces.

You can re-create this by dividing your space into different areas. The numbers will depend on how many areas you want to have on your deck. To maximise your deck space, it’s best to have at least 3 areas for the following: garden, lounge area, and additional accessories (e.g. hot tub, barbecue grill, etc.). Don’t forget to add accent lighting! This will add a dramatic effect to your deck as it highlights one area of the deck (e.g. in between staircase steps or poolside).

Nude Design

decking ideasPhoto Courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

This design is like a big blank canvas, you need to fill it up with your wildest and creative ideas for details. This design is one of the ideal decking ideas for kids because they can play around and bring anything they want such as a tea party set, toy robots, or bean bag as a seating chair.

The good thing about this is it is versatile to use. You can easily remove and replace the details depending on the arrangement you want. So, you can use it for get-together parties or simply hanging out with friends over brunch.

Rooftop Deck Design

Decks may be commonly built at the back of the house, but if you don’t have enough backyard space you can still build it in any part of the house. The roof is one of the popular choices and you can turn it into any design you want. Here are some decking ideas you can do for your roof deck:

  • Modern Garden Deck is a good design for anyone living in the city because your roof will have a great view. You can re-create this design by installing artificial grass, wicker chairs and artistically chopped woods for tables. If you want to add plants on it, orchids are the ideal options.
  • The Ocean of White is the type of deck that is mostly white in colour – long rectangular-shaped porcelain table with a fire-pit built on it, comfy cushion, ceramic tiles for flooring and plain white wall paint. You must add light-coloured accessories such as pillowcases, plants, and vases to make it livelier. This is the ideal deck for a location with cool to cold weather temperature.
  • The Gen Y, or most commonly called millennials, has a huge impact on deck design trends. There is no specific layout for this so, you can freely plan any layout you want. The most important factor in this design is the details – clean lines, built with smart home technology, eco-friendly furniture and coloured LED lighting system.

Pebble Mosaic Pathways

decking ideasPhoto Courtesy of Alicja via Pixabay

If you already have a design in mind but still missing few details, a pebble mosaic pathway is an artistic addition. The interesting thing about pebbles is it comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. So, there are endless ways to design your pathways. Some of the designs you can do for your deck are the follower-shaped stepping stone, colourful mosaic pathway and pebble lining in between the concrete paver tiles.

A deck’s appeal will never be completed without surrounding yourself with spring-inspired flowers. The flowers that you can plant around your deck are zinnia, salvia, carnation, and cosmos. These are the flowers that can withstand all types of weather temperatures – tropical, temperate and cool. So, you can enjoy these flowers all year long, with proper care.

Featured Photo Courtesy of rmac8oppo via Pixabay

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