How to Build a Decking Frame

Knowing how to build a decking frame is important as it helps you when it’s time to construct a sturdy deck that adds value and beauty to your home.

With simple DIY tips and tricks, it’s not possible to learn how to build a decking frame that helps determine the durability of the base deck.

How to build a decking frame

Start by placing the concrete blocks or beams on a compacted surface to carry the weight of the rim and floor joists. Installing the joists in the blocks is essential to assemble and support the frame. Make sure to get the right measurement to prevent possible mishaps such as overlapping. As required by the local building code, a 16-inch gap on the center is enough to mark the area (using a tape measure and a pencil) to make accurate adjustments. The next step is to position the rim joist on top of another rim joist to draw the lines down. You may use a framing square to mark a straight line and an “X” on the right side of the lines to guide you when attaching the floor joists.

Succeeding steps on how to build a decking frame:

  • Cut excess joists and drill a hole at the end of the rim joist
  • Attach the end of the floor joist to the rim joist through the holes with nails or deck screws (use a spirit level to see if it’s properly positioned)
  • Use reinforcing brackets using nails to secure the attachment
  • Repeat the process with other joists to form a square (but leave the other one undone until the floor joists are all attached to the rim joists)
  • Place the outer frame on its final position and measure the area to see if the frame is square
  • Use rafter or hurricane ties to fasten and secure the frame
  • Proceed to install other joists once the frame is firm and stable
  • Use joist hangers and position them side by side to fasten and support the wood planks (for safety and durability, use nails which are recommended for joist hangers)
  • Repeat the process with other joists and carefully attach them to the beams using hurricane ties
  • Mark the excess planks and cut the edges to get accurate sizes for each joist
  • Attach the final rim joist with the same tools you used with the previous steps (nails, brackets and hangers)

Important: Before starting off the process, make sure to check with your local council or homeowners association to clarify if you can initiate a deck construction in your area. Familiarising yourself with the local building codes and other policies related to home expansion projects is necessary to avoid making abrupt decisions that could result in a complete mess. Property inspection is done to ensure the requirements are carefully followed.

Having the right materials to use is also essential to learn how to build a decking frame that’s made to last. Here are some basic things that you need:

Measuring instruments: Tape measure, carpentry/framing square, spirit level

Tools: Hammer, screwdriver, drill machinery

Protective equipment: Safety gloves, eye protection, face mask

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Featured Photo Courtesy of Jim Vanderveen via flickr

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