How to Clean Decking?

It pays to have some basic knowledge with regard to decking and how to clean decking. Your deck is one of your greatest assets and it deserves the only best care in order to maintain its beauty and durability.

Learning the proper way of cleaning your deck can add to its aesthetics and longevity. It’s definitely not a complicated process.

How to Clean Decking

Start by sweeping away everything that lies on your deck. This includes your furniture, potted plants and anything that gets in the way. Doing so allows you to prepare the deck and keep your things from getting wet when it’s time to clean the surface. Only then can you get all the cleaning materials ready for the main procedure.

Consider having these materials when doing your preparation:

    • Broom
    • Cleaning solution or deck cleaner
    • Scrub/bristle brush
    • Bucket
    • Safety equipment (gloves, earpiece and eyeglass for protection)
  • Pressure washer or hose

Here are a few basic reminders about how to clean decking:

    • Clear away any presence of dust and debris from the deck surface.
    • Clean the surface deck using a pressure washer (or a garden hose if it is not available). Make sure not to go overboard as pressure washers can crack the boards. Wear safety gears such as glasses and ear covers when using it.
    • Pour a fair amount of deck cleaner or cleaning solution (which you can buy from your local hardware store) into a bucket of water and stir it thoroughly. Read the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual to know the correct measurement and procedure.
    • Apply the cleaning mixture on the wood panels and scrub the surface using a bristle brush.
    • Wash the surface thoroughly after the application. A pressure washer or a garden hose will do the magic for guaranteed results. Make sure not to go beyond 20 minutes.
    • Leave the deck until it dries off completely.
    • Reseal the decking boards if you want to bring back its original beauty.
  • Put your outdoor furniture back to the deck. Consider dusting them off before you do so.

Important: Consider the top-to-bottom principle when commencing the work to make it easier and more systematic. Also, be careful when cleaning the deck as the surface can get slippery with water. If you must, ask for assistance to prevent accidents or any unwanted outcome. Getting help from a friend or a deck cleaning professional is also recommended to get the job done confidently.

Cleaning your deck saves you from doubling up your expenses due to extensive repairs or replacements. Giving it proper care and maintenance keeps you from buying new timber boards and building a new deck for your home.

A beautifully maintained deck is one of the best investments that’s worth having. It helps to improve your outdoor appeal and entertain your guests without having to worry about its look. Knowing the basics about how to clean decking gives you the freedom to work your way anytime you want to or when the situation requires. Make sure to follow these steps for increased safety and satisfaction.

Featured Photo Courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay 

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