Preparing Your Deck for an Occasion

An outdoor deck is a wonderful addition to any home. It increases the overall appeal of a house. Adding a deck to your home can make your house look new without the need for a full-blown renovation.

If you want to increase the value of your property, installing an outdoor decking is one of the easiest ways to do so. On top of that, you’re also increasing the floor area of your home.

Outdoor decks can serve as entertainment areas if you have limited interior space. You can use your deck to hold family gatherings, have intimate dinners, and receive guests instead of renting an expensive events place.

In this guide, we’ll discuss ways on how you can better prepare your outdoor deck for an occasion at any time.

How to Make your Deck Occasion-ready

How to Make your Deck Occasion-ready

Before you start planning on using your deck for some occasions , you need to be sure that your deck is ready. Here are some important deck preparation tips that will make any occasion a success:

Tip# 1 Check and Fix

Tip# 1 Check and Fix

This is something that you should be doing now and then and not just before special occasions. Safety is always of paramount importance.

Walk around your deck and keep an eye out for anything that needs fixing. Look for loose or broken boards. Check if there are any loose nails or bent screws that can trip or injure guests.

Check the condition of the subframe posts. Be sure that they are sturdy enough. Look for bees, wasps, or hornets that may harm your guests. Call a local exterminator if needed.

Fix anything that’s broken and replace parts that you cannot fix. You can enlist the help of a local deck builder if the damage is extensive.

Tip# 2 Tidy Up

Tip# 2 Tidy Up

Clean and unclutter your deck. Make a list of everything that you and your guests might need during your party. If you see an object or equipment that you don’t need, place it on storage.

Cleaning decks is relatively easy as you simply remove all the dirt and stains that you see. The best way to clean decking is to use a hose to quickly spray off the dirt. Let deep-seated dirt soak for a bit and then repeat the process.

A local contractor that offers deck installation service or deck installer often take in deck cleaning and staining jobs as well. They know how to clean a deck quickly and efficiently.

If you want to do the cleaning by yourself, you can check how to clean a wood deck online. Some informative articles and videos will teach you how simple cleaning wooden deck can be.

Tip# 3 Decorate Your Deck

Tip# 3 Decorate Your Deck

A party won’t be complete without decorations. Think of a theme for your party and plan your decorations around it.

Try to use decorations that will go well with your outdoor deck. A great way to save money is by using decorations that you can re-use for other occasions.

Use decorations that are easy to install and easy to remove. It will save you time and avoid any damage to your deck.

You can also get the services of a decorator or an event organizer. With a professional event designer handling the decorations, you can focus on other aspects of your party that require your attention.

Tip# 4 Make Your Deck Functional

Tip# 4 Make Your Deck Functional

Efficient use of your deck can help make even the small decks look big. Think ahead and plan on how to make use of every square foot of your outdoor deck.

If you have a sofa or lounge chairs, replace them with stools or traditional chairs. These are not as bulky and will allow you to seat more people.

If you have a patio with decking, use one area as the dining area and designate an area for activities. This will allow you to organize activities without having to move chairs or tables around your deck constantly.

Tip# 5 Prepare for Emergencies

Tip# 5 Prepare for Emergencies

When using your deck for outdoor entertainment, preparations for emergencies can help you avoid a disaster. Anticipate anything that might go wrong and prepare a back-up plan.

Have emergency lights on standby in case you might need them. Have garbage bins nearby so you can minimize the clutter.

If your outdoor deck doesn’t have a roof, you can put up patio umbrellas to protect your guests in case of a downpour. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology website can give you an idea on what kind of weather to expect.

A local patio installer can help you install patio umbrellas if you don’t have any.

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