Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Decking Trendy All-Year-Round

Home improvement trends is one thing that everyone is looking for every time a new year or season comes in. In Spring, everyone is waiting to see what’s new and what’s out especially when it comes to outdoor decking trends.

The only disadvantage of trends is you need to change the outdoor decking design or furniture just to adapt with it. This can be tiring and cost you a lot at the same time. For this reason, most designers advise homeowners to only consider four elements when designing their outdoor decking. These elements are movement, function, privacy, and entertainment. Adapting these four elements will ensure you will enjoy your outdoor decking all-year long.


Outdoor decking is one of the areas in the house that receives the most foot traffic. So, you have to ensure everyone, including pets, can move freely around it. The best way to do it is by maintaining a healthy distance from one furniture/decoration to another.

outdoor deckingPhoto Courtesy of Sonnie Hiles via Unsplash

Take the picture above, for example, the designer maintains the distance by dividing the area for plants and lounging. The designer also includes portable furniture, so it can easily move around whenever you want.


The function is one of the most important elements because this is the main reason why every homeowner adds outdoor decking. There are different types of areas that you can do to your outdoor decking and three of them are described below:

  • The recreational area is ideal to have if you have kids or pets because they can run around it freely. This will avoid any slipping or bumping incidents that may cause injury. The swimming pool is usually placed next to this to add more fun activities for the kids.

outdoor deckingPhoto Courtesy of maghavat108 via Pixabay

  • The outdoor living area is the common function of outdoor decking. This is where you entertain guests or bond with your family by watching a movie, for example. For this reason, it’s best to add wireless technology to your outdoor decking. This is to ensure your decking is always ready no matter what activities you may do with the guests or family.

Another good addition to the living space is lighting fixtures. There are some homeowners who think that outdoor decking can only be enjoyed in the morning. That’s not true at all! You can do so many fun things during the night. You just need to make sure to illuminate the decking properly.

outdoor deck lightingPhoto Courtesy of Joshua Rodriguez via Unsplash

  • The outdoor kitchen area is a perfect outdoor decking space for everyone who loves to hold parties in their home. This decking type can work well either with a shade or by keeping it open. If you prefer open outdoor decking, it is wise to invest in weather-resistant construction materials and added protection to cover your kitchen equipment.

outdoor kitchen areaPhoto Courtesy of Vincent Keiman via Unsplash


Privacy is very important for a family. Particularly nowadays that houses are being built within close proximity to one another. To improve your privacy, you can add any of the following:

  • Fences have a dual purpose: one is to maintain your privacy intact, and two, it provides security for trespassers (stray animals and intruders). The best materials to use for an effective fence are vinyl, metal and other materials used in masonry construction. The good advantage of a fence is it is a permanent solution.

vinyl fencePhoto Courtesy of Photoman via Pixabay

metal fencePhoto Courtesy of PIRO4D via Pixabay

masonry fencePhoto Courtesy of thephilippena via Pixabay

  • Another good option for privacy is an outdoor screen. This is very handy to have on your deck because you can move it easily to any place you want. It’s also a plus that outdoor screens are easy to match with almost any outdoor decking designs.

The common materials used as outdoor decking are thick fabric curtains, wood, and metal. But if you want to be unique and creative, you can create your very own outdoor screens such as a trailing plants screen. Trailing plants are easy to install, you just need a nylon fishing line and tie one end to the edge of the ceiling and the other to the deck’s railings.

The hard work will only be at the beginning because you need to guide the vines to follow the fishing line. After that, you just need to trim it when it grows longer. It’s ideal to choose flowery vines because the flowers will serve as instant decoration.

ivy plantsPhoto Courtesy of jeonsango via Pixabay

flower vinePhoto Courtesy of mirian357 via Pixabay


Entertainment is one element in outdoor decking that shouldn’t be missed. This will ensure that everyone that will stay on it will have tons of fun. There are many things that you can add on your deck to make it fun like a serving bar for the adults and playground for the kids.

serving barPhoto Courtesy of Alex Holyoake via Unsplash

playground for kidsPhoto Courtesy of evitaochel via Pixabay

Adding a sound system and fire pits are ideal to add as well. The sound system will ensure that your gathering will never have any dull moments; while the fire pits can keep you all warm if your gathering extended until night.

Featured Photo Courtesy of jjohnl via Pixabay

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