Why should you opt for roof decking?

When it comes to decking, most people think that the backyard is the only place where you can build one. But the truth is, there are two areas in the house where you can build a deck and the other is the roof.

Roof decking is an ideal option for everyone who has a flat roof or limited space in their backyard. Just like with the traditional decking, roof decking has several advantages:

Additional living space with a view

The main purpose of a deck is to provide a safe and healthy living space for your family. Space where they can enjoy what they love doing under the sun. But there are some sceneries in your neighbourhood that is best viewed from above. This is where roof decking comes in handy as you can turn it into your very own romantic dating spot or entertainment area for guests.

Boost your home’s aesthetic appeal

Making your house stand out in your neighbourhood might be the most common benefit of having a decking at home. But this is helpful because the more you maintain your home in good condition, the more you can save from repairs and renovations.

Improve overall roofing structural support

A roof decking is not only about improving your home’s visual appearance or adding new space. It’s about improving your house’s overall roofing structural support. Roof decking can improve your roofing structural support by the following:

  • If a roof decking was built on a flat roof, it will give your roofing structure fire resistance feature. This is because there are some materials used in roof decking that is a natural insulator (e.g. light timber) and non-combustible.
  • Most of the common problems with a flat roof comes from the drainage. But if you install your roof decking, this can help to put an end to it. This is possible by choosing to install elevated roof flooring and pick materials that are waterproof.
  • Aside from fire, a roof deck is also known for having a much better resistance to wind force.
  • Lastly, roof decking improves the house ventilation as fresh air can enter and circulate around your house freely.

Great for gardening

Sufficient exposure to sunlight is one of the major factors for your garden to grow perfectly. This is the reason roof decking is an ideal choice because you are assured that your plants will get enough sunlight every day.

What to consider when building a roof decking?

After understanding the benefits of roof decking and deciding that you want to build one, you can start to consider the different elements in building roof decking.

Weather Condition per Location: Weather conditions have a big effect on the condition of your roof decking. To ensure you will enjoy your roof decking for a long time, you must choose durable materials.

Types of materials to use: The common materials used in roof decking are steel, wood, and concrete. Each type has their own advantages and purposes.

  • Steels are durable materials that can withstand most weather conditions. The only disadvantage of steel is it is prone to corrosion. It’s best to ask your deck builder what type of protective coating they are going to use to ensure it will last longer.
  • Wood is the common material used in decking. Aside from being affordable, it is easy to customise your design, it’s environmentally friendly and proven to last for a long time. The only disadvantage of wood is it is prone to cracks and rot when not maintained.
  • Composite materials are starting to gain popularity. Some even consider it as the best alternatives to wood decking. The main reason everyone loves composite material is it is low maintenance and weather resistant. The only disadvantage of the composite material is it may bend or sag over time.
  • In all the types of roof decking, concrete is the most popular choice because it is the cheapest and most durable. When it comes to maintenance, the need is close to none. The only thing you must invest with this decking is a good drainage system (only applicable for open decking).

Railing Needed: Safety is always the top priority of every homeowner. To ensure the safety of your roof decking, you should also invest in a good type of railings. The best choices for railings are wrought iron, stone, and wood. Also, before installing a hand railing on your deck, you should first consult with a city councilor or builder to find out the required height or railings.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Andrew Pons via Unsplash

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