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4 Detective-Like Traits Every Sparky Should Have

Sparkies are like detectives. In those times that electrical faults are hard to detect and analyse, you need a good electrician to trust.

Here we can check some astounding detective-like traits and why it’s crucial for electricians to possess them (especially when the need to hire a tradie arises).

1. Intellectually Strong & Reliant

Great detectives display mind-boggling skills in critical and analytical thinking, putting every devised strategy into writing.

Photo courtesy of Shane Aldendorff via Pexels

Does your prospective electrician have strong intellectual ability?

Like with solving cases, it’s a priority to study how the crime is made. When something goes wrong or gets out of control, a trusted electrician uses his problem-solving skills to spot the cause of electrical malfunction.

Does the issue center on frayed cords or faulty switchboard? Great sparkies make sure that all possible corners involved are carefully checked and observed. This helps them determine what techniques to use in resolving the case as well as interpret blueprints and create reports for easy reference.

2. Focused & Detail-Oriented

In any crime cases, experienced detectives place greater emphasis on the importance of facts and pieces of evidence.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Does your prospective electrician have stable focus and good attention to detail?

Not only should you find an electrician with specialised reasoning skills. You also have to seek after someone who has proven expertise in focusing on what matters and organising all the details. By this, we mean those tradies that don’t entertain insights (or team members) that distract them from their goals.

If they’re able to comprehend the industry standards with little or no trouble, it can be beneficial to consider them. You’ll get to confirm this aspect with their previous clients and recently accomplished works.

3. Fully Armed & Dependable

A professional detective’s work involves a mix of psychological (and physical) combat, making use of high-calibre weapons of defence against criminals.

electrical tools
Photo courtesy of Sid74 via Pixabay

Does your prospective electrician display dependability?

Like with any detective, trained sparkies equip themselves with the right instruments to perform electrical works and ensure their safety. Screwdrivers, wire blades and chop saws are few of the most common devices that they carry with them.

If, for instance, the issue has something to do with home automation or security alarm repairs, they guarantee to work efficiently with tools backing them up. They keep their clients at ease from the start of operation until the job’s completion.

4. Patient & Persistent

In some instances, it would take months and years to resolve a crime or two, regardless of the depth or seriousness of the problem.

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

Does your prospective electrician show perseverance in carrying out the job?

There’ll be times when certain tasks won’t count towards their favour. One example is dealing with confined spaces while performing electrical repairs, not to mention the complexity of the task involved.

Some jobs may cost them time, but an electrician who girds his waist with this trait won’t be far from success. So as you ask relevant questions from your prospect, pay attention to how they flaunt their strengths including this.

More practical tips to remember:

  • When it comes to household electrics, don’t ever attempt to fix the issue by yourself.
  • Speak to your property manager or local council for consultation and recommendation.
  • Take the initiative to call a licensed electrician around your area or ask for referrals.
  • Remember the vital characteristics and ethical principles of a reliable tradie.
  • Double check if safety codes and practices are properly implemented.

Ready to hire?

Renowned detectives such as the fictitious Sherlock Holmes are no amateur sleuth, so should your hired sparky.

As long as they possess solidified abilities, resources and experiences, they can professionally tamper on issues along the way and safely meet your needs.

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