Electrical Problems Around the House that Require a Local Electrician

Electricity provides convenience and comfort to everyone. Unfortunately, it can also provide the most danger when a problem arises. Some homeowners will try fixing issues themselves particularly if it looks simple. Though, DIY is an interesting activity to do it still recommended to hire a local electrician to do the job.

The primary reason is safety. Electrical work has always been a complex subject matter to work on. This is the reason every country in the world requires tradies to undergo a series of training and to acquire the appropriate licences. The training and licences will guarantee that tradies will be fully-equipped with the right skills and knowledge to solve each electrical problem properly and safely.

To explain it more, here are the electrical problems around the house and the reason it’s recommended to hire a local electrician to do the job.

1. Blown fuses

A fuse is a common component in electronic devices. Its main purpose is to protect the electrical circuits of a device from the effects of excessive currents. The common reason a fuse blows is maturity. Over time of usage, the fuse naturally burns out. Other reasons the fuse blows are short circuits, the electrical system and wiring are not compatible and a sudden flow of electric current.

The process of replacing a blown fuse is to open the device panel, remove the fuse, place the new one, and check the device if it’s working. The simplicity of the job is the main reason everyone is committed to doing it themselves.

Why you need a local electrician to replace a blown fuse?

One thing everyone should know about electrical problems is that the fix needs to be carried out as accurately and timely as possible. The danger may arise if one element of the application is incorrect. For blown fuses, the danger it may bring to the house depends on the problem.

For example: if the fuse blows due to short circuits, it may produce a bright flash of light when switched back ON after the repair. This bright flash is comparable to the flash produced by welding equipment which means it can damage one’s eyesight.

Another example is if the problem is an incompatible electrical system and wiring. This is a fire hazard. Since the modern electrical system requires more amperages, it can strain the wiring. If the wiring is incompatible to the electrical system and the fuse is blown, it may start a fire.

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2. High Voltage shocks

High voltage shocks commonly happen when you switch the plug on the socket or turn a device ON or OFF. The cause of this problem can either be within the device or the wiring.

Why you need a local electrician to solve high voltage shock-related problems?

A local electrician must handle these problems because aside from the electric shock, this problem may also cause severe burns and cardiac arrest. A local electrician can ensure that this will be prevented by testing the power or by fixing the problem using the right type of tools (e.g. voltage tester and insulated tools).

3. Rusty Service Panel

Rust is always a sign of a problem. The cause may be due to the house being of old age or if the service panel has too much exposure to water. For service panels, rust may lead to a much serious problem with the connections and other components on it. The only way to know the complexity and overall scope of the problem is a thorough visual inspection. This is the reason you need a local electrician for this problem because they are the only ones allowed to do this job.

Visual Inspections doesn’t require any special tools, electricians will identify the cause subjectively.

They do this by determining the degree of corrosion: light and serious.

  • Light corrosion is the degree of corrosion that doesn’t show any sign of failure like burning or arcing. Rust spreads only on the steel part of the panel and its’ enclosure.
  • Serious corrosion is the degree of corrosion that consists of heavy rusting or exposed with too much water. If the local electrician’s finds this to be the case, a total replacement is the best solution. Also, the problems around the room where the service panel is located must be corrected as well (e.g. humidity, water leaks, and more).

Though there are lots of people who proved that electrical problems can be solved by DIY, hiring a local electrician is still the best option. This is because they can diagnose and resolve any electrical problem accurately. So, if you notice any signs of problems around your house, get in touch with your local electrician immediately.

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Blown Fuses and Dangerous Shocks sounds like a whole lot of trouble and could get worse if not fixed and attended by a professional.

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