Top 3 Signs Your Building Needs Electrical Rewiring

Does your electrical wiring system comply with Australian Standards and safety regulations?

If you worry about your current wirings and want to make sure all is well, here are the top 3 signs your building needs electrical rewiring:

1. A Fiery Smell

Office buildings have a large number of power points and circuit breakers installed compared with ordinary houses. You know something is wrong when you begin to notice a recurring burning smell within the structure. Not only does it warn you of an impending problem, but it also gives you a clear indication to have your wirings checked.

Leaving an appliance plugged-in without any intention to do so can be a main culprit. Frequent use of extension cords, exposed wires and faulty installation are some other causes to blame. Locating the source of that smell is advisable. Ignoring it can pose a threat and may cause severe damage not only to your property but also to people’s lives.  It’s always safe to turn off the main switch after a successful inspection.

2. Hot Switch Plates and Flickering Lights

Plugs and cords that overheat are more likely to change in temperature when touched. In some cases, a sudden alteration in colour can signal a red flag. Cords and wirings frequently used in houses and buildings face early deterioration. When such situations happen, you may consider replacing the old sets to install a new batch of outlet covers.

Lights that flicker also indicate an electrical issue, especially if it constantly occurs. It may be a common problem experienced in most homes and offices but it can also result in a more serious case. Loose sockets and faulty switch connections are the usual causes of repeated blinks. For instance, if you plug in an appliance and you notice a flickering response from your lights, the voltage can be the main problem.

3. Frayed Insulation

Wire insulation or cable shields are responsible for protecting the wire against conductive materials such as metals. These protectors are used to prevent incidental abrasions and damage from taking place. Short circuits happen when the insulation that covers the wiring is cut or broken.

Older structures with older wirings are often victimised due to deterioration and defective installation. Circuit overload also causes these sheathings to crumble, which can result in overheating. Aside from this factor, rodents lurking around the area may target it as a food, leaving the cable wires marred and exposed. Electrical tapes can be helpful when covering one or two affected portions. But relying on it as a permanent coating is not advisable. A professional sparky can help you accomplish repairs or replacement if necessary.

Licensed Local Electricians

local electrician

Not all electrical issues stem from an old-age structure. Even those recently constructed buildings have the potential to experience fire incidents. Improper wiring, defective equipment and loose connections can result in sudden breakouts.

Attempting to rewire even a small power circuit or a single room without professional assistance is highly dangerous. When you sense a problem or see one of these signs, entrusting the process to a local licensed electrician is a wise move. Qualified electricians know the potential risk of an outdated wiring system. Not only is he equipped with sufficient techniques and skills to determine the root cause, but he can imply effective solutions and preventive measures to alleviate the effect.

A thorough inspection is conducted on the roofs, behind the walls and floorboards to check the associated problems. This is done to assess the overall electrical status of your property. Professional electricians guarantee to meet all regulations and assist you with building permits before the actual work. Some companies implement a ‘no refusal’ policy when rewiring is advised to ensure your safety. If the detected issue is beyond repairs or replacement, it’s time for a complete rewire.

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