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Just Married? Decisions After Tying The Knot

After tying the knot, what comes next? What decisions should you be making together with your partner?

There are so many things that newlyweds should decide on. As a married couple, you should discuss where to spend your perfect honeymoon, what fun and romantic things to do with your spouse, your future plans together, and how to set-up a comfortable home during the winter season like hiring a licensed electrician to install a heater and customizing your home according to your needs.

Decisions that newlyweds should make after the wedding:

#1: Choose a perfect honeymoon spot in Australia.

After the wedding, comes the honeymoon. If you wish to do your honeymoon in a warmer place, you really don’t need to leave the country.

Wondering where to spend your honeymoon during the winter season? Here are 5 winter honeymoon getaways in Australia:

  • The Cable Beach Club in Broome, Western Australia
Cable Beach Resort
Photo courtesy from www.cablebeachclub.com
  • Thredbo Ski Resort in New South Wales
Thredbo Ski Resort
Photo courtesy from www.thredbo.com.au
  • Longitude 131° in Northern Territory
Longitude 131° in Northern Territory
Photo courtesy from www.longitude131.com.au
  • O’Reilly’s Rainforest Guesthouse in the Gold Coast, Queensland
O’Reilly’s Rainforest Guesthouse
Photo courtesy from www.oreillys.com.au
  • Sea Temple Resort and Spa in Port Douglas, Queensland
Sea Temple Resort and Spa
Photo courtesy from www.portdouglas.com

#2: Decide on how to set up your home.

Fix your home according to both of your needs and in preparation for the winter season. Before even going on a honeymoon with your spouse, make sure to set-up your home together and make it your own paradise by including elements that would reflect your relationship and individual personalities.

Hire a professional electrician
Photo courtesy from Simon Rae via Unsplash

During the winter season, heating devices are essential. Invest in a good electric hot water system to ensure that hot water is accessible whenever you need it. Hire a professional electrician to help you install the hot water system in your home. If you want your home to stay warm during the cool winter days, choose from a selection of electric heaters from your local Bunnings warehouse. Set-up a comfortable place where you can come home to at the end of a long and tiring day. With the best heating devices, you and your spouse can stay in the comfort of your home.

#3: Choose fun and simple bonding activities for newlyweds.

After tying the knot and the initial honeymoon period is over, you should plan fun and exciting activities for both you and your spouse. Go and travel together, explore and discover new things about each other. You should be spontaneous and have impromptu romantic date nights. That will keep the spark alive.

bonding activities for newlyweds
Photo courtesy from Johan Mouchet via Unsplash

Work out, be healthy, and sweat together. Do intimate activities that are guaranteed to electrify your relationship as newlyweds. You can also take a trip down memory lane together and revisit some of your fondest memories together before you tied the knot. These activities will help you get to know your partner even more.

#4: Discuss your future together.

People say marriage is a two-way street. As a married couple, you make important life decisions together. Discuss your plans as lifetime partners. Talk about finances because it is always a good idea to set up a financial plan for your future together. Talk about your plans of eventually going through parenthood and having kids. You are both embarking on an exciting journey and it is best to talk things out and be open about each other’s insights and suggestions.

After you’ve said your vows and moved in together, there are still important things to be done and decisions to be made. Decide on a getaway for your honeymoon, prepare your home according to your needs, think of bonding activities for couples that will last you a lifetime, and plan for your future. The sooner you address these tasks the better for both you and your spouse.

But before anything else, never forget that a good home will not be possible without its inner components such as security, water and electricity.

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Featured photo courtesy of Bùi Huy via Pexels

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