What skills do you need to be an Electrician?

An electrician is just like any other profession, one must possess all the skills required for their career to blossom.

What skills do you need to be an Electrician?

An electrician’s job is very hands-on. This is the reason the basic skills required for every electrician are mainly focused on physical strength. These skills include excellent eyesight and hand-eye coordination, cautiousness, good sense of balance, detailed-oriented, and can handle physically demanding work.

Aside from being hands-on, an electrician’s job is highly technical as well. So, you will have more chance to succeed if you enjoy doing mathematical and physics-related activities. Other skills that an Electrician must possess or acquire are described as follows:

Colour Vision

Colour Vision is the ability of a person to detect colours and its’ shades. This is an important skill for electricians because part of their job responsibility is to properly identify electrical wires by their colours. In Australia, it is required for Electricians to follow the Electrical Wiring Colour Coding System for both equipment and installation wirings.

The colour code for single phase in equipment wirings is brown (active/live wires), light blue (neutral), and green or yellow (ground). While for multi-phased, the colour code is brown (phase 1), black (phase 2), and grey (phase 3).

The colour code for single phase in installation wirings is red (active), black (neutral), and green or yellow (ground). While for multi-phased, the colour code is red (phase 1), white (phase 2), and dark blue (phase 3).

Mechanical Skills

One of the electrician’s responsibilities is to get an accurate diagnosis of a certain problem by inspecting every single electrical component of a device or circuit breaker. This task includes taking everything out, test how it all works and putting it all back successfully. To ensure success with this task, electricians need to possess mechanical skills.

Having mechanical skill will give electricians more confidence in delivering exceptional results because they feel comfortable and happy performing tasks like this.

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Problem-solving skills

Identifying the problem is one of the most crucial parts of the electricians’ job. The main reason is that the result will be their basis for the solution. This is where problem-solving skill becomes handy as this will help the electricians in assessing the problem correctly, come up with all the applicable solutions and identify each of those solutions’ pros and cons. The result of the latter part is where the electricians find out the best solution tailored-fit to the problem.

Troubleshooting skills

70%, maybe more, of the electrician’s job is troubleshooting. They do extensive diagnosis and testing to figure out the root cause behind the device or system’s failure and come up with an effective solution. Having this skill will ensure that electricians will deliver excellent results every time.


Skills are gained through education and extensive training. But there are other skills that will give an advantage to the electricians even it does not have a direct relation to the actual job. These skills are good communication and active listening skills.

Good communication skills will help the electrician to relay correct information to their team and clients. This is highly recommended particularly under a crisis as this will help their teammates to fully understand the complexity of the problem and the solution to apply; while the clients will feel less overwhelmed.

Match good communication skills with active listening. Active listening is the ability to listen to the speaker and understand their message without interruption. Possessing this skill will help the electrician to fully understand the extent of the project and the demands of their clients.

The key to master this skill is by constant practice of smiling, making eye contact, and making less distraction (e.g. playing with their pen or looking at a watch). It will also be helpful to ask questions, clarification or summarising the whole conversation. These are the small ways for a speaker to know that the electrician listens intently.

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