Commemorating Anzac Day 2019 (Lest We Forget)

Anzac Day (or Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) is another holiday that most Aussies look forward to for great outdoor trips. While it’s a perfect opportunity for the whole family to schedule vacation or relax at the comfort of their homes, it would be rewarding to align some of your activities with the holiday.

The national day of remembrance holds thousands of Australian and New Zealand army who fought for peace and freedom during the First World War at Gallipoli. It is commemorated every 25th of April in Australia and New Zealand.

The Anzac Day 2019 falls on Thursday and we want to relive the memories they left us, not just on the 25th, as a way to demonstrate our patriotism. While some would take part in attending a Dawn Service or raise a flag to pay respect to our late war heroes, you can do other interesting stuff to show your honour and engage in this special time.

Spend Anzac Day With Loved Ones

Anzac Day is a day that’s deeply connected to our origin and we’re looking to make this event as memorable as the previous years. As you make your preparation, you can plan for a few activities to promote the spirit of remembrance and gratitude.

If you have kids and you want them to know about the Anzac history, you can do so lightly through baking, planting and decorating.

Bake the famous Anzac biscuits

Anzac biscuits
Photo Courtesy of pfctdayelise via Wikimedia Commons

The classic Anzac biscuits originated from the time when the Australian and New Zealand troops were in the battle. The hard, unsweetened soldier’s biscuit was believed to be a substitute for bread during the Great War.

Since kids love the idea of creating, it’s best to bake the Anzac biscuits with them. This will surely bring more fun than buying packs of Anzac biscuits from the store. You can check quick Anzac recipes online to have something to refer to when going over the baking process.

If you prefer to organise a gathering in your house, you can also do this with other members of the family or friends. It’s much more satisfying to share the Anzac biscuits along with other meals.

Make sure to have your oven cleaned up to ensure it will work properly as you get ready for the Anzac Day 2019. Days before the commemoration can get busy, so consider hiring a tradie to do the cleaning and maintenance.

Consider planting Rosemary herbs

Rosemary herbs
Photo Courtesy of rizans974 via Pixabay

As history describes it, the growth of Rosemary herbs during World War I was evident. No wonder it was one of the many symbols that signifies the sacrifice of the brave Anzac soldiers. Pinning a rosemary sprig on a coat or a garb (on the chest) is one way to recall the significance of the event.

As you create a list of things to do, growing rosemary bush in the garden is a good consideration. Not only does it remind you of the Anzac heroes, but it also helps your garden to appear more attractive. Interestingly, rosemaries thrive all year-round and you get to choose what variety you prefer.

Growing the herb in a pot is also an option. It enables you to place it indoors and add beauty to your interiors before the winter season arrives. You can always consult a local gardener near you to know the do’s and don’ts of rosemary planting and maintenance.

Decorate your house

Anzac day house decoration
Photo Courtesy of Angela_Yuriko_Smith via Pixabay

As the Anzac Day nearly approaches, it would be a good idea to fill your house (kitchen space or deck) with Anzac-inspired symbols.

Australian flags, floral wreaths, and red poppies are few of the historical decors that you can add to your home. Traditionally, wreaths are laid out on memorials as a sign of remembrance. That being said, why not create a wreath out of autumn leaves?

wreath of Autumn leaves
Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere

You just need to visit the garden and let your kids gather fallen autumn leaves.

Watching a video tutorial (or making your own version) can give you an idea and get the results you’re expecting. Once done, you can display it anywhere around the house.

You can also make small or big wreaths out of rosemaries. By simply hanging them on a wall, door or window shows a mark of honour. Miniature versions of Aussie flags and paper-made red poppies placed on top of the dining table could work as well.

wreath of rosemary
Photo Courtesy of Daria Shevtsova via Pexels

On the Day itself, you can spend on an outdoor activity with your family or friends – arrange a picnic in the park or anywhere near the beach.

There are more holiday-filled affairs you can set without forgetting the essence of as to why we revisit this part of history.

How are you embracing the Anzac holiday?

Incorporating the Anzac symbolisms or holiday-themed activities into your house decor or daily routine somehow promotes nationalism. In this way, you get to recall its significance and preserve the memories associated with it. Doing so also gives you the privilege to pass on the Anzac spirit to your little ones.

For others, to celebrate Anzac Day is not appropriate. Celebrating doesn’t mean to say that we are jovial, we are just grateful for the selflessness they demonstrated. And it would be fulfiling to see that everyone gets to participate in the annual commemoration.

How do you show your deep gratitude this Anzac Day 2019? Share with us your Anzac stories… lest we forget.

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