Things To Do on a Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day celebration follows through as Spring enters the scene. Have you thought about giving your dad a special treat?

It’s no secret that giving gifts is one of the best ways to show your appreciation to your dad. Flowers, neckties or handy kits are some great presents, but it can be a pleasure to take a few chores off his plate and give him a break!

Whether your dad is working, running a business or a stay-at-home dad, freeing him up from his usual work can make him feel special. Here are some things to accomplish to give him that needed downtime:

1. Plan a BBQ party.

Family BBQ Party

Father’s Day marks the first week of Spring and is one of the best days to enjoy the great outdoors after long months of staying indoors, particularly those who are in cold temperate areas. Setting up a BBQ party is a great idea if you plan to celebrate outside your home. But make sure to clean up your BBQ grill to have it in tip-top condition and enjoy your time with the whole family.

Have your BBQ cleaner ready as you take time to clean it. Home remedies such as using lemons, baking soda and vinegar can be effective, but for guaranteed cleanup, it’s best to call a professional cleaning service to assist you before that day comes.

Don’t forget to defrost the prawn and other meats in advance to make the cooking easy and hassle-free.

2. Surprise your dad with a garage makeover.

Spring is the best time to start cleaning and organising your dad’s garage. Whether it’s a mini or huge garage, you can begin decluttering the area and separating the items into groups. Sorting them based on their function will help you to rearrange the tools and equipment.

For instance, gardening tools must be put in a storage box or container to gather them in one place. This can also help to safeguard your possessions. Do the same procedure with other items such as your dad’s sports equipment to ensure its safety and the cleanliness of the area.

Once it’s done, you can begin working on giving it a new look to make your dad smile. Check your flooring, ceilings and walls to see if the current design still meets your dad’s standards and preferences. Hiring a painter can help if you need assistance.

3. Amaze your dad with a well-maintained garden.

Garden crops and shrubs may suffer without proper care and maintenance. Removing some rubbish is a common gardening chore to include in the list. Doing rounds of inspection on your plants is important to help safeguard its growth.

Your outdoor furniture such as your timber deck is also wise to check especially if you have potted plants displayed on it. It also allows you to look for any traces of loose nails or panels that need minor repairs. In this case, it’s best to call a business that provides deck maintenance services for your safety and convenience.

You can also give him a bonus present. If your dad loves to maintain your garden during weekends, one of the coolest gifts you can give is a new pair of gardening gloves. If he wants to grow his own veggie patch in the backyard, buying a veggie garden kit is a wise move. Garden experts can offer assistance.

4. Go on a road trip.

Family Road Trip

As Winter bids goodbye, the need for extensive car care and tune-up is arising. You can surprise your dad by having his car cleaned after the cold weather.

Cleaning materials such as car wash detergents, clay bars, wheel brightener, microfibre towel and polishes can help you do the job with ease. Make sure both the inner and outer parts are dirt-free by using a vacuum.

You can also take his car to a trusted service centre before you travel to make sure the car parts are up to date and well-conditioned.

5. Revisit your dad’s wardrobe.

Cleaning up your dad’s closet and drawer may sound easy and simple. But it is one way of showing him that you care about his personal belongings.

Buying a new cupboard for his garbs, shoes and other wearables is not necessary as long as you practice the principle of adding and removing.

A well-organised wardrobe is appealing and can drive away pests. Organising his clothes involves arranging them according to frequency of use. Sorting them by type and colour is also a practical technique to make it look clean and aesthetically pleasing. You may also want to have the garments dry cleaned for added benefit.

The Best Gift? Your Time.

Family Quality Time

Doing your dad’s routine may require you to adjust your schedule and sacrifice a little of your leisure time. But seeing your dad delighted even just for a weekend is worthwhile. It would be better if you’re thinking about extending it in the coming days.

If you’re overwhelmed and you lack time to complete the tasks in a day or two, finding a reliable Tradie is a wise choice. As you look forward on that day, it’s good to have a list to make detailed plans and preparations.

Start doing things around your home and get help from professional tradies in your area to get an extra hand. It may involve a little spending but you’ll realise it’s worth investing.

Don’t forget to make the most out of your time with your dad on Father’s Day!

Featured Photo Courtesy of Rhone via Unsplash

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