Gear Up For Australia Day With These Home Improvement Tips

Have you made some preparations around your house in the lead up to Australia Day?

Clocking off from the daily grind to celebrate a special occasion is definitely something to look forward to. While others are prepping to attend local festivals or chill out for a picnic, you too can make the most of your time especially if you’ve decided to stay indoors.

Whether you’re looking to host a BBQ or pool party, it’s good to have your house ready for the day! You wouldn’t want to see a few niggles at your house when you organise a get-together, do you?

So here’s a few things to check (just in time for the rest of the summer days):

Spruce up your lawn

Spruce up your lawnPhoto Courtesy of Creative Commons CC0 via Pxhere

With Australia Day fast approaching, why not take advantage of the heat by mowing the lawn? If you’re planning to hold a gathering in the yard, be sure to have it well-groomed to impress your friends and showcase the beauty it holds.

If tackling the job under the heat makes you cringe, you can always call a lawn mowing specialist for that. Also, try to think of a few patriotic decor to add to your lawn. Maybe a flag or two placed on the turf? Bench seats painted with flag colours or an Aussie map? Native plants on sideways? Your mates are sure to express their compliments!

Clean up your backyard pool

Clean up your backyard poolPhoto Courtesy of Eric Nopanen via Unsplash

Enjoying the water breeze is one of the coolest ways to spend the day. You can do so while listening to classic Aussie music or hymns that bring back your childhood memories.

Giving your pool a thorough clean-up and some maintenance can keep your family from health hazards. After all, who would want to wade into a pool surrounded by grime, leaves and dirt? As you gear up for the nation’s historical celebration, see to it that you get help from a professional pool cleaner to cross the task out from your list.

Once it becomes crystal clear again, airing up inflatable toys for your kids to play on (and a pool ball with an Aussie flag design) is a great idea to push through. It’s easy to look after them when you know the pool area is safe and clear from any form of debris.

Have some deck refinishing

Deck refinishingPhoto Courtesy of Christopher Howard via FreeImages

Decks are a great outdoor place for leisure. And setting your feet on a beautiful, refinished deck adds to the excitement the Australia Day brings. Gathering around to sit on a couch or a deck chair can be a fun way to reminisce moments with your loved ones while eating your favourite, seasonal dish.

Giving your deck a reasonable upgrade in terms of style and function easily attracts. Old, weathered decks are unappealing to look at, so make sure they’re properly cleaned up and stained. Broken railings are also a pain in the eye and can even pose accidents. Don’t wait until your deck begs you for a significant restoration. Decking professionals would be more than willing to assist you in bringing your precious deck back to life.

Red-white-blue flag banners or star foil balloons are only a few that you can accentuate to your deck. You may also consider doing some plant arrangements (hanging or potted) to brighten up the ambience.

Also, don’t forget about these pointers to complete the Aussie Day feels…

Deal with the grill

Deal with the grillPhoto Courtesy of ArtWithTammy via Pixabay

Even in the most ordinary day, BBQs are popular. What more on Australia Day? When we say barbie, those delightful prawns, snags and steak – not to mention the lamb chops on a BBQ grill that represent the Aussie culture. You knew all these, right?

Before firing up the barbie, consider checking the grill itself. Does it have grease or dirt build-up from the inside and out? While home remedies such as lemon or vinegar can help to regain the grill’s original look, it’s best to have a BBQ cleaning specialist to do the task.

Deck out the dining

DiningPhoto Courtesy of Lee Myungseong via Unsplash

The Aussie Day party at your home would be more memorable with a flag-coloured tablecloth, Aussie-inspired plates and cutlery, and plastic cups to complete the set.

Before that, you may want to check your cupboard and kitchen utensils to keep those that you need and declutter when necessary. That way you’ll be more prepared to host a lunch or BBQ party with less hassle and stress.

Buying an Aussie flag centrepiece shouldn’t also be missed to fill the dining with patriotic decors. You can visit your nearest local store or online shop to purchase some Aussie merch that you can use for decoration.

Remember that most businesses take the day off to gear up for the occasion. The last thing you want to do is to call out a tradie in the middle of the celebration. So make sure to settle everything before the long weekend. After all, it’s good to be ready than sorry!

Do you have other preparations that you do before the annual occasion?

Don’t forget to wave the flag when that day comes!

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