5 Ways to Grow Your Tradie Business

If you’re an owner of a tradie business, scaling up operations is going to be your next concern to grow it. To achieve this growth, you need to address how you can either integrate more efficient systems into your business or improve pre-existing ones.

To get started, you can partner with a trades provider company like HIREtrades to grow your market reach. To boot, you can also integrate technology like job management software tools that arrange scheduling, bidding, dispatching and payments for tradie businesses, which some advanced trade service providers use. You can also enforce specific rules in your business to make your processes more seamless than usual.

Here are some of our specific suggestions on how you can either replace or improve aspects of your tradie business processes to get the growth that you desire.

Word of mouth Counts

Getting the word out about your tradie business is important but you can’t just rely solely on shortcuts to get there. One tried and true system you should use is leveraging on the business framework called “Modern Online Buyer’s Journey,” which some tradie companies use.

The Modern Online Buyer’s Journey is a framework that your tradie business can be built around. It relies on phases such as Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Loyalty Loop. Let’s provide an example.

In the Awareness phase, a person finds a problem with their electric socket. In the Consideration phase, they then search online for a solution, leading them to videos and list of articles about how to open a socket. Eventually, they decide to hire an electrician instead, which leads them to contact one online, thus completing the Purchase phase.

After receiving quality service, they leave a glowing review on the electrician’s company website and then spreads the word on social media apps like Facebook. This is the Loyalty Loop phase. Afterwards, the phases will keep repeating when the man encounters similar electrical problems, except he may just choose a faster option to contact the electrician like a phone number or a messaging app.

This framework is a great way to develop good reviews by means of optimizing your trade business to engage on every stage. This whole process can influence and encourage organic discussions about your tradie business. To level up your word-of-mouth generation process, you can also partner with a trusted trades provider such as HIREtrades so you can strengthen your brand positioning across Australia.

Stay up to Date with Current Trends

Staying on top of current trends in the trades industry is an excellent key to access long-term growth. When you’re in the loop, you can make a conscious choice for which directions you want to focus on and which you won’t.

Possible trends include design, colour, and styles of what you might be asked to create. If you’re a carpentry business, you’ll be able to design pieces for last-minute commissions more quickly.

But beyond that, there are other trends like communication and human resources to think about. For example, in a post-pandemic world, your website and social media pages could be more optimized for detailed information and user-friendly functions.

Even aspects such as your mode of payment need to be reevaluated. Think about how much more accessible your electrician services could be if you started accepting certain electronic payment methods that are coming into wide use.

On the human resources side, your workplace could be more inviting if you present a flexible workplace arrangement, a trend that is quickly becoming a main feature of the tradies industry.

Likewise, you could also run promotions to help boost sales. If you’re running a welding business, you can offer special bulk prices for clients bringing in two or more projects at once. Another way to boost sales is via generating leads with the help of a trades provider company like HIREtrades. HIREtrades help you receive job leads that consumers post in your local area. These leads will then be sent to you based on your work area, postcode, and trade or skill sets.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

If you’re beginning as a one-man team for a plumbing business, you may want to set up your business’ capacity through proper project management and scheduling. You can do so by using specific software tools for managing your projects instead of using an antiquated business management method (such as pen and paper).

If you’re a small team, try to set up guidelines for you and your employees about which jobs you can’t afford to commit to, especially the ones that you aren’t certified to handle. Only accept jobs where you have in-house experience.

You might think this is counterintuitive to your potential growth, but in the long term, it will help set a precedent for your expansion and hopefully minimize demands that you cannot meet. It will also help protect you and your business from risks of complaint, or even litigation, due to mismanaged plumbing maintenance or roofing installations that your business wasn’t equipped for.

Managing your projects becomes easier when you partner with HIREtrades Australia. This is because we only send you relevant leads or jobs that are within your expertise. The tradie simply pursues leads dependent on their workload. The leads that you receive depend on the trades you selected and the area or range in which you wish to receive leads. You can easily change these lead-generation settings on your HIREtrades profile.

Have the right equipment for the job

No matter what type of trade business you have, you want to obtain the right tools for the job. Having the right equipment can make the difference between the success and failure of your tradie company.

Some important qualifications for these tools include:

Energy-Efficiency – If you’re in the heavy construction or repair industry, you may want to opt for energy-efficient machines to avoid shelling out high-maintenance costs. This can help you save money for the long haul.

Quality – Over time, weather elements like sun, rain, snow, and hail can damage your machines or equipment. For this reason, it’s essential that you invest in top-quality equipment made of durable materials that can weather Australia’s harsh conditions. You may pay a bit more buying tools only from reputable brands, so you don’t have to worry about their quality. Above all, they won’t last the rigours of trade usage if they use low-grade materials.

Pricing – Value for money is important when buying tools. You can buy costly brand new tools, but you can also purchase preloved machines as long as they are well-maintained. Be careful of buying equipment priced too low because it could have hidden defects. However, this isn’t the case at all times. You may want to buy only from a reliable dealer to ensure that the tools have value for money.

Extend Your Market Reach

Once you’ve harnessed the previous steps, you can now prioritize widening your market reach. There are a variety of ways of achieving this.

Research is one obvious method. Every job can give you access to relevant data about what your clients need when you work as a plumber, electrician, or handyman. You can use surveys to gather more specific data about your clients and their needs, so you can provide better services in the future. An automotive technician might be able to determine which clients have ‘non-functioning vehicles that could easily be rehabilitated or overhauled.

Once you feel confident with the data that you have acquired, you can start putting out more relevant advertising in your physical business space or even on the web. By establishing a virtual presence, you can have a significant leg up on your competition.

HIREtrades is one great avenue you can use to extend your market reach. Once you’ve set up your tradie company for business, you can register on our website and we’ll help extend your market reach by providing leads in your area. Expanding your workload and creating new customers for future repeat work.

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