9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Having a small kitchen can be as relaxing, appealing, and functional as having a big one. However, poor design can make a small kitchen uncomfortably claustrophobic. Thankfully, there are excellent ways to make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

While renovating a kitchen can mean removing walls and adding rooms, you don’t need to do significant kitchen renovations to make your kitchen look more spacious than usual.

At times, great things can come in “little packages” if you apply the right design techniques while remodelling a kitchen.

Using white paint for your walls and cabinets can be a great start when renovating the kitchen. Note that white reflects light, which can create an illusion of added space.

To give you a better idea of how you can “stretch” the space of your kitchenette, HIREtrades asked kitchen remodel experts about nine ways to make your kitchen look bigger than normal.

Read on to give your cook room that spacious ambience!

Consider Open Shelving

Cabinet Open Shelving

Open shelving is a now a trendy design element, especially in minimalist kitchens. It is somewhat easy to love because it can make your space feel less confining and more open.

Aside from making the kitchen look spacious, open shelving can give extra style to your cook room if you display your beautiful collection of plates, bowls, teacup sets, jars, and more. These shelves are equally suitable for both modern-day and rustic kitchen designs.

Just remember not to fully pack your open shelves. Having cluttered shelves will make your kitchen look smaller instead of bigger. It’s nice to keep the items apart from each other and let them “breathe.” Cleaning the surface should always be a top priority.

Open shelves require only a few materials. Hence, they are more low-cost compared to full-sized cabinets that need woods of different sizes, nails, metals, and more.

If you’re highly skilled, you can easily to install an open shelf in your kitchen. If you don’t have time for a DIY project, a good carpenter can create quality open shelves that will look awesome on your walls.

For carpentry services, you may reach out to HIREtrades to find the best carpentry services in your area.

Reduce Your Hardware

9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

When renovating kitchens, you don’t have to make property additions at all times. Kitchen renovations can also mean eliminating unnecessary items. Reducing your hardware can make your cooking space less obstructed and breezier.

You can donate or sell your hardware if you believe your kitchen can still function without them. Reducing your hardware will give a minimalist vibe to your kitchen’s design.

If you have a newly built small kitchen and are looking to add some hardware, you need to consider some kempt options.

For example, instead of using a kettle, you can install an instant boiling water tap. You will save both space and time using such equipment.

Another example is using a garbage disposal unit under your sink. This will help you instantly eliminate garbage minus a waster container that can take up too much space.

As for cabinets, you may use those with hidden pulls for a minimalist feel. While knobs and handles can look exquisite, they are not necessary and can complicate the design of your storages.

Choose a Compact Dishwasher  

Compact Dishwasher

A compact dishwasher is a relatively small dishwashing machine that’s usually placed above countertops or flat surfaces. It’s also known as a portable or countertop dishwasher.

Using an adapter, you can connect the portable dishwasher to a typical kitchen sink faucet to take in water. The dishwashing machine has a draining hose in its back so that the water will run into the sink directly.

The countertop dishwashers are so compact that some of them are smaller than microwaves. Most compact dishwashers have an 18-inch width (450mm), so you can tuck them inside small cabinets if not being used.

What’s great about this small dishwasher is that it has the same functionalities as a regular dishwasher. We highly recommend it because it’s easy to move and consumes less energy.

Use Panel Appliances

Panel Appliances

Having a consistent kitchen design is necessary to make the area look more spacious. The kitchen needs to have a specific theme or colour scheme to make it look clean.

While you can combine different colours and elements, a randomly designed kitchen can look cluttered up. Using panel ready appliances can make your kitchen look elegant and roomy at the same time.

Panel ready appliances allow you to install customized coverings on your appliances that match the design of your entire cabinetry. When you buy a panel ready equipment, the item will come to you with a bare façade.

This design element is specially used in fridges and dishwashers. Having the same covering creates a streamlined appearance all over your entire kitchenette. Your cooking and eating space will look high-end because the designs seamlessly blend.

Installing panels can be complex and time-consuming. You may need the help of a contractor that has the know-how to install custom panels. Thankfully, HIREtrades is here to help you in finding the right company to help you.

Add Glass Door Cabinets  

Glass door cabinets

Cabinets with glass doors can make your kitchen look bigger because glasses can generally create visual depth. This tricks your eyes into perceiving your kitchenette to be more expansive than usual.

With a glass door cabinet, your eyes transcend the surfaces of the storage, and you focus on the insides of the cabinet. You will see more spaces rather than a solid façade.

However, cabinet glass doors are generally effective on cabinets with light or pastel colours.

Before installing glasses on your cabinets, you may want to repaint them first. Most dark-coloured cabinets with glasses don’t create the same illusion because the glasses will not be recognizable. It will reflect the dark colours inside.

To make your kitchen look bigger, you must remember not to fill the cabinets with too much stuff. Glasses are transparent, so anything you put inside the cabinet will be easily seen.

Cabinets with glass doors are not the only trendy design element today. Refrigerators with glass fronts are also popular as they can create the same illusion as cabinets.

Store Your Most Used Pot in Plain Sight  

9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

You may think that putting out your cooking pots can make your kitchen look even more disorderly and small. But that won’t be the case if you place your most-used pots in the right areas.

To effectively place your most-used pots in plain sight, you can hang them on your wall or put them in an open shelf. As we’ve discussed, open shelving can make your kitchen look bigger because of the spaces in between items.

Most modern cooking pots are made of stainless steel. Steel can bounce light across the room. This tricks the eyes into thinking that your kitchen is big. Imagine hanging a collection of smooth stainless-steel pots. They will look like mirrors hanging on the wall.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Evidently, the furniture that you use plays an important role in making your kitchen look big or small. Choosing your furniture wisely, especially for a small kitchen, is important.

You can use sleek minimalist furniture without too many details unless you’re aiming for a Victorian look for your cooking space. Intricate carvings on the furniture can look complicated, hence making the kitchen look complex as well.

Of course, the size of the furniture is also essential to make your kitchenette look spacious. Use small stools and narrow tables if they won’t be uncomfortable. They can give you more space to move, which is essential when cooking and preparing food.

You may also use a kitchen island that can be multi-functional. It can provide extra seating, storage, and more.

Improve Your Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting

Generally, there are three major design components that can make any area feel instantly larger. These elements are colours, contents, and lightings.

Kitchen lights can make your space look wider. Darkness can make it look cozy but crowded. Light fittings for kitchens can create a sense of openness because of illuminance. The lighter a room is, the larger the space will look like.

If you can use natural light to illuminate the space, that would be great too. Avoid using thick curtains to let in natural light. However, natural lighting for a kitchen will only be beneficial during the daytime.

You may want to consider professional lighting fixture installation. The right contractor can provide you with kitchen lighting ideas that can make your kitchen look elegant and spacious, even at nighttime.

So how much does light installation cost? Lighting for kitchen costs about $15 to $300, depending on the type and model. Across Australia, the average labour cost of installing light fittings for kitchen is around $85 to $132 each hour.  Check out our cost guide…click here

Keep it Clean & Simple  

9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

When you’re designing or renovating a kitchen, you can get carried away and add too many personal details.

Note that kitchens are made for you to cook and prepare food. For this reason, you need to comfortable when cooking and preparing meals.

Keeping your kitchen clean and simple is an essential part of making it look big. If your main goal is to create a comfortable space, then don’t spend too much on decorations.

You can still add some personal touches to your kitchen by selecting only your much-loved ornaments. You can display small plants, jars, and pots to make it appealing without sacrificing space.

Don’t forget to clean your kitchen so it will look spacious. Cleaning can also help you avoid infestation.

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