Cleaning to prevent COVID-19 spread

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread globally the world is preparing for a pandemic to be declared. Australia’s government has acted swiftly. It was among the first to bar travellers from China and is treating the outbreak as a pandemic, against the advice of the World Health Organisation. Notwithstanding, recent spikes in local transmissions are limiting Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s efforts to contain the outbreak.

How to clean your home 

The first, and perhaps best, advice is to wash your hands, use hand sanitiser and avoid close contact with persons who have the disease. However, we can do more to deep-clean your home.

We do know that COVID-19 is spread via respiratory droplets. The transmission from people to surfaces has not been fully documented. Contamination may remain viable from hours to days on a variety of surfaces. Commercially schools, offices and stadiums are undertaking deep cleanings.

Here are some things you can do to deep-clean for the prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in the home, and other community settings. Whether you are using a one-off clean, or use professional cleaners it is important to ensure they have the right guidance and products.

If you use professional cleaners take the time to ensure that they are using industry best practices in COVID-19 cleaning. Many use hospital grade disinfectants that sanitise and kill the virus and other germs and bacteria.

wash hands

Prioritise cleaning first, disinfecting can follow

Cleaning is about removing, not only dirt, but germs and bacteria from surfaces. Disinfecting uses chemicals in an attempt to kill germs on existing surfaces. Always prioritise cleaning over disinfecting.

Do your homework on the benefits of different disinfectants. Especially pay close attention to the manufacturers recommendations as to their application. After application some may be available for use immediately, others may require time to dry or other measures. 

Pay attention to frequently touched surfaces

Toilets, door knobs, light switches, hand-rails, taps, sinks, cups, cutlery and a range of other surfaces in your house are frequently touched. Clean these with hot soapy water. Many detergents also have disinfectant properties. Choice has independently reviewed chemical vs natural surface cleaners and may offer assistance in selecting the right method for you.

There are a variety of disinfectants. Typically solutions of 70%+ alcohol, diluted bleach or other branded proprietary disinfectants will do the job. Generally your local supermarket or stockist will carry the popular brands like Pine O Cleen, White King and Glen 20. Compare the labels and select the product that fits your purpose.

 Disposable gloves and good ventilation are the order of the day 

Where possible wear disposable gloves. And, as the name suggests, dispose of them immediately after each use.

If you are using reusable gloves do not use them for any other purpose. After use clean your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water and disinfect. Peel the gloves off so that no outside of the glove makes contact with your skin. Ensure you adhere to the Deparment of Health guidelines on how to fit and remove protective gloves.

 Laundry – use the warmest setting possible 

Don’t shake your dirty laundry as this can risk the transmission of the virus through the air. Wash in the hottest water available and allow items to dry completely in the air.

Using gloves is highly recommended. You must wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Also look at laundry bag cleaning and anything else that is in contact with your dirty linen.

 Your phone, and other electronics,  need attention

High touch surfaces like phone, tables, keyboards etc need to be cleaned. Check the recommendations of the product manufacturer as generally they will recommend against the use of chemicals for fear of damaging protective coatings.

Minimally a dampened micro-fibre cloth with mild soap can be used to scrub the electronic device.

 Professional cleaners business is on the rise

With COVID-19 continuing to exponentially spread, more and more people are turning to professional cleaning companies to ensure safety of colleagues and loved ones.

With many businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19 the professional cleaning industry is experiencing a boom.

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Cleaning tips to prevent COVID-19 spread

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