Flattening the Curve Will Lower Tradie Numbers

The exponential growth of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has Australia on a trajectory that may lead to a raft of new community movement restrictions. Our New Zealand neighbours, and many other international communities, have transitioned to a level 3 alert. This means that, amongst many other things, non-essential businesses must close, and transport is limited.

If Australia moves in this direction it will rapid and with little warning. Many experts are saying it is inevitable. If that happens what does that mean if I need a Tradie for works? Simply put, they will not be available. So we need to make some quick decisions if we have some odd-jobs around the house.

Even if such extreme measures are not imposed Tradies will become rarer commodities as they participate in the community ‘flattening of the curve’ by self imposed restrictions on movement. Indeed many will want to keep themselves away from potential COVID-19 contraction.

Here are some jobs that you may want to engage tradies for in anticipation of a potential lockdown.

Fix for leaking taps

Fix those leaking taps 

Aside from the costs of water wastage, of what is a valuable resource, it is very annoying being around continually dripping taps. Even more so if we find ourselves spending more time at home.

The repairs of your taps a very quick and simple task for your local plumber. Sometimes the call-out, or travel costs, associated with your plumber can be prohibitive to get a single washer fixed. So look at repairs to any other susceptible taps, or consider other plumber jobs. 

You may also require Toilet repairs. Does your toilet continue to run with water after flushing? If so you will be incurring a huge amount of water wastage and expense. A plumber may expeditiously fix this with a new rubber o-ring worth only a couple of dollars.

Get a new TV point installed

Get a new TV point installed 

ABC kids during the day may not be your first choice of TV channel. Now may be the time to get a TV antenna specialist around to install that second TV point in the spare room.

At the same time get your Television cabling and antenna optimised for Digital TV. Many households have invested in top of the range ultra-high definition LED televisions without consideration to ensure their TV signal is the best that can be attained in your area.

It may also be time to look at getting your electrician to install new cat 6 data cabling to connect directly from your NBN router to the TV. This guarantees the best possible transmission of the internet bandwith to your Smart TV. Wifi can have speed issues that you want to forego to ensure optimum delivery of your internet, Foxtel or Netflix subscriptions.

Adhere to COVID-19  safety recommendations

Adhere to COVID-19  safety recommendations 

Take the time to chat to your Tradie to clearly understand that each of you respect each others health and will engage in best practice guidelines.

 The homeowner can 

  • Maintain 1.5m social distancing from the tradie
  • Ensure no other persons are present in the area the tradie is working
  • Do not shake the tradies hand. A wave or thumbs-up should suffice.
  • Make hand disinfectant readily available and insist on its use
  • Pay the tradie with a credit card to avoid the handling of cash

 The Tradie can 

  • Wear gloves
  • Cough or sneeze into a handkerchief
  • Consider a face mask
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Clean and wipe his tools down with a disinfectant cloth
  • Reschedule if he is unwell

HIREtrades will continue to connect you with local tradies to work around your home. In these tough times it is important that we rally behind the small business community. With common-sense we can continue to work together to limit the impact COVID-19 is having on our lives. You can post a job on HIREtrades 24/7 and expect to receive up to three free quotes from local tradies.

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