Jobs To Do If You Get Isolated for 14 Days

Self isolation requires that only the people who normally live at your home should be there, you should not have any visitors during this time. Basically, you need to avoid contact with people! 

This is because it can take up 14 days for symptoms of Coronavirus to present, but commonly they show signs closer to 5 days.

Self isolation is a genuine option of the Australian government to stem the movement of people and to lessen the rate of coronavirus infection. If this was to occur we should be thinking in advance just what we would do. As an enforced fortnight, or longer, isolation period can affect our physical and mental health.

Jobs to do if you get isolated: Clean your House

Clean your house

To mitigate the spread of germs and other harmful bacteria you should be regularly cleaning frequently touched surfaces and often thoroughly washing your hands with antibacterial soaps and sanitisers. 

If self isolated it may be good to plan ahead to get that third pair of hands in early to do the heavy-duty stuff. Professional Cleaners have become a very in demand business in these troubled times. They are generally in possession of commercial cleaning products to deep clean your house and carpets. HIREtrades have a network of local cleaners to assist with all of your cleaning needs. We can help you quickly source quality cleaners in these times of demand.

With the heavy duty stuff sorted you can leave some of the DIY and easier works to pick up in your own time. Just ensure you have enough products in your possession as a late demand could leave you without.

Jobs to do if you get isolated: Clean up the yard

Clean up the yard

It may be an idea to do a Spring-clean in Autumn if you are at risk of spending more time around the house. With winter storms, tree breakages on the horizon the outside clean up may be worth initiating now.

Whether it is getting the tree lopper, or gardener in, or just cleaning the shed your council bins most likely wont have capacity. HIREtrades can help you with skip bin hire and garbage services.

House Jobs to do if you get isolated

You might need that guest room sooner

If you are in isolation health authorities may advise against sharing a bed with your partner. The people who live with you may not have to be isolated unless you develop symptoms. But if you display any coronavirus symptoms they will be isolated with you.

This can lead to a rezoning of the house where the ‘at risk’ person sleeps in a different or isolated room. Now may be the time to convert that spare room into a guest room.

Shifting heavy beds and furniture between rooms is best left to the furniture removal and relocation experts. Especially when moving between floors. the removalists generally don’t just use brute strength and youthful backs, they lift smarter with a range of trolleys and slings to safely and efficiently effect the task.

Jobs to do around your house if you get isolated: Plan your garden

Plan your garden

Self isolation does not mean that you are confined to indoors. You can freely move around your own property and garden. It is advisable for you to get outside, soak up some sun and use the time to get your garden in order.

Now is the time to plan and prepare for projects that may see you having more time to invest in them. From a new rose garden prep, to a vegetable garden.

You may want to enlist the advice and planning of a garden designer, or landscaper in advance. They can generally plan, with your budget in mind, to do a mixture of professional gardener and landscaper tradies incorporating a component of DIY works. But with the right planning you can have many of the preparation works done now. Then hold back on the DIY component, in case you find yourself at home with this extra time on your hands. You may just want to have the materials in store as you won’t be able to run down to Bunnings if self isolated.

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