Jobs You Should Not Put Off

We all have jobs around our home or office that have been put off as we are either too busy, or we are simply over-committed and do not want to spend the money.

However, in the back of our minds we know there could be major consequences as a result of putting this work off.

With many of us facing more time at home in these challenging times many of us are finding more spare time to look at getting these jobs done.

Here are a few tips when you are looking to get a tradie.

  • List your tasks in order of priority– urgent jobs may be more costly, or create further damage if you procrastinate

  • Group your jobs – often a large part of your tradies visit is to get him to your door, with call-out or travel costs. So instead of having a plumber look at a tap replacement while he is there get him to look at your dripping taps or toilet.

  • Get written quotes – where possible agree all costs upfront with your tradie

Importantly, talk to your tradie about being coronavirus savvy by maintaining social distancing, hand sanitising etc. If someone in your house is unwell, or the tradie is, it is best to reschedule. Both you and your tradie will be more comfortable by discussing these issues in advance.

Jobs to Leave to the Experts


Electrical Works

Electrical works 

Ensure that you use a licenced professional at all times. This is a mandatory requirement in all States, with heavy penalties if work is not completed to Australian standards.

You may be comfortable with changing a globe, but that is about as far as you should go. No fault-finding or installation works whatsoever. Electricity kills – with home electrical accidents killing 15 Australians each year, and hospitalising 300 others. HIREtrades can help you find local sparkies to help you out.

Gas Leaks

Gas Leaks

If you have a leak of any sort this is a 2 step process

  • Turn the gas off to the property and open all doors and windows to allow it to dissipate.

  • Engage a tradie to promptly attend to diagnose the fault and give you costs for any remedial works

Gas is a highly regulated industry and only licenced gas fitters can install, alter or repair your gas system. Invisible the noxious gas can have lethal consequences.

Plumbing Works

Plumbing Works

Many times if a plumbing issue is not immediately rectified the risks of further damage increase significantly. Damaged water pipes, sewerage issues, hot water system failures should only be undertaken by a professional.

Generally anyone who intends to undertake plumbing works MUST hold a licence to do those works and work under a licenced plumbing contractor. Special variations exist to licences for different plumbing works – water supply, sanitary and drainage. Ensure that your chosen plumber is appropriately qualified

Asbestos Works

Asbestos Works

Asbestos is a dangerous substance with severe health outcomes if fibres are inhaled. It should not be interfered with. The moment you suspect there may be asbestos on your premises you should call in the experts to get a report and understand associated risks.

The specialist contractor can advise you on whether it is safe to leave the asbestos or whether it requires removal. They can quote you for the costs of removal and sometimes offer different options.

Never attempt to cut, alter or remove asbestos. Substantial fines and other sanctions exist for persons who do not adhere to the requirements of local authorities.

HIREtrades can help you find local asbestos removal contractors. Simply post a job for free online or using our app. You can then expect to receive up to three free quotes.

Roof Works

Roof Works

There are a couple of aspects that require experts to attend to these items.

Firstly, there are some damning statistics from Safe Work Australia. Between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2015, 359 workers were killed following a fall from a height – half of these involved falling three metres or less.

Working from heights is a high risk work activity. Leave this work to trained professionals. Discuss with your tradie what safeguards he puts in place.

Secondly, roofing issues tend to get larger the longer they are left unattended. That small leak soon becomes a deluge in the dark of night under high winds and rain.

An experienced roofing contractor should be able to fix and report of roofing issues in our normal course of work. Rather than becoming an urgent after-hours issue that only brings increased costs and inconvenience.

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