Latest Disinfectant Cleaning Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen us looking for new methods to disinfect homes and offices. Social distancing and hygiene are our new norm. Old practised methods of cleaning are now being reviewed to raise the bar for our loved ones and work colleagues. Many are looking at Antimicrobial solutions and best practice solutions.

“Antimicrobial technology can be defined as a substance that works to destroy or inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.”

Antimicrobial Coatings Can Protect Surfaces 

Researchers claim that antiviral coatings can provide up to 90 days of significant protection against viruses and bacteria. This differs from common disinfecting methods such as bleach or alcohol as the coating is environmentally friendly and non-toxic utlising heat-sensitive polymers that are encapsulated and release disinfectants on human contact.

Painters use airless paint sprayers to spray the antimicrobial coating to propel millions of nano-capsules in a smooth even finish into hard to reach places. Accessing many places that are either too hard to access or simply missed when wiping down. The house paint remains unaffected by the process.

Key Points to Consider on the Effectiveness of Antimicrobial and Electrostatic Cleaning

Effectiveness of Antimicrobial and Electrostatic Cleaning
  • Antimicrobial products kill and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • The process cleans as well as treating the harmful organisms
  • Electrostatic spraying kills viruses and bacteria instead of spreading them around
  • The process is quick and efficient
  • You could be at risk without implementing proper cleaning practices

The traditional methods of cleaning are becoming out-dated with reused wipes and sprays that are themselves potential carriers of viruses and bacteria

Where Should You Disinfect?

Where Should You Disinfect

The possibilities for antimicrobial products are wide and varied and can include locations such as;

  • Surfaces
  • Appliances and other commodities
  • Countertops/shelves
  • Office areas- desks, chairs, etc.
  • Fibres and fabrics.

Antimicrobial Spray Cleaners

Antimicrobial Spray Cleaners

Antimicrobial cleaning can kill and prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria. Whereas the traditional antibacterial methods can kill bacteria but lack the preventative element to prevent them from growing.

Electrostatic Cleaning

Electrostatic Cleaning

To obtain the full potential of your antimicrobial cleaners electrostatic cleaning is recommended. With this method an electrostatically charged mist is spread onto areas requiring treatment. The old ways of dusting and wiping are gone. The positively charged particles immediately adhere to the negatively charges objects and commence disinfecting surfaces. This can be an efficient and effective method of treatment.

HIREtrades can assist

We have an Australia-wide network of local tradies across over 200+ trade categories. With different trades offering antimicrobial services such as cleaners and painters we can help you find local trade professionals. We recommend that you speak to different providers to draw from their expertise and understand costs involved. Do not be price driven with your selection. Determine what offers the best value.

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