Things to Consider When Buying a Pergola

Pergolas are a great addition to your outdoor space. They can transform your regular backyard into a comfortable living space instantly. Pergolas offer rain protection, shade, and aesthetic design.

These days outdoor pergolas add value to your garden. Aside from maximising the visual appeal of your garden, it increases the resale value of your property.

Pergolas for garden have different styles, materials used, constructions, and designs. These are all the things to be considered when choosing to put up your outdoor pergolas.

Sometimes, pergolas are mixed-up with other backyard structures like the arbour. Pergolas serve different purposes while an arbour is used primarily to accentuate a pathway or an entrance which is smaller than a pergola.

Usually, pergolas are wide-open structures that have four support beams, no walls, and have a decorative roof design, like the lattice. Accessories such as shades, screens, or lightings can be added to them.

Choosing the right outdoor pergola need not be overwhelming and hard for you. If you are thinking about having your outdoor pergolas, read further, and learn how to choose the right pergola for your home.

Determine What You Intend to Use Your Pergola For  

Determine What You Intend to Use Your Pergola For

Pergolas have different purposes and for you to find the right pergolas for your garden, you must know what you intend to use your pergola for or what purpose it will serve your home.

Do you need to upgrade your backyard or garden? Will you use your pergolas for shade? Are you going to use it as an additional extension for your home?

Pergolas provide numerous benefits that serve different purposes for your home. Ask yourself if these are yours as well:

  • Boosts the value of your home: adding a well-crafted and sturdy pergola for the backyard, it can create an amazing outdoor space while increasing the value of your home.

  • Creates an outdoor extension: pergolas for patios is a simple and appealing way to create an outdoor extension for your home. With the right design and material, it becomes an additional space for the family.

  • Upgrades your patios or garden: pergola designs for patios help in elevating the ambiance and appeal of your outdoor area that can be convenient when relaxing or entertaining guests.

  • Adds privacy and shade: most people have pergolas for privacy and shade. Even if they don’t have walls or roofs, adding curtains or vines adds shade against the rays of the sun.

Knowing these benefits will help you in deciding what type of pergola you will install for your outdoor space.

What Size of Pergola Do You Need?

What Size of Pergola Do You Need

Another thing to consider when buying your pergola is the size of your garden, backyard, or patio. Of course, you wouldn’t want your pergola to take up too much space or be too small for your outdoor area.

Most of the time, you will see pergolas that are sized out perfectly in a square shape. These square shape pergolas typically come in small sizes like a 10×10 pergola or 12×12 pergola.

Others may come in larger sizes such as 16×16 or 20×20 which can cover an entire backyard. These sizes will also help you decide what type and design of pergolas you will install in your garden or backyard.

What Style Do You Want for Your Pergola?

What Style Do You Want for Your Pergola?

There are a plethora of pergola designs and styles you can choose for your outdoor space. Each offers a different decorative purpose and practical advantage.

Well-planned pergola designs will not only compliment your house, but it will also help you save on costs. Here is a quick list of different pergola design ideas:

Vinyl pergolas: this style is becoming more popular because of its affordable, durable, and universal design. Additionally, you can choose a custom design that will best suit your needs.

Sail pergolas: uses a stretched fabric instead of a traditional lattice roof. It gives a clean and modern look with more shade and shelter than those pergolas with a roof.

Pitched pergolas: they differ from flat-roofed pergolas because they have a “pitched” or angled roof design. It allows water to run off and there are many unique design options. It is also the best choice if you want protection from different weather elements.

Open-top pergolas: this type of pergola design is often placed in gardens to provide an appealing design. It also helps with the airflow and increases your privacy.

Gabled pergolas: this pergola design has a peaked or ridged roof that is triangular. They are attractive and allow water to run off as well. They are commonly seen on patios or decks.

Determine What Material You Want Your Pergola Made From  

Aside from the style and size, you must know what material will best suit your needs. This will also determine the durability and how much maintenance is needed for your outdoor pergola.

Nothing is more disappointing than finding out that you made the wrong decision and spend a lot of money on a pergola that will not last. Look at the different materials you can use for your pergola:

  • Timber pergola: provides a rustic look and feel to pergolas. However, this wooden pergola needs regular maintenance to last long. Use quality wood coating to avoid termites, fungi, and moulds.

  • Aluminum pergola: lightweight and easy to maintain. It is the most common material most people choose especially those who live near the sea.

  • Steel pergola: these are the best choice for areas that are frequently affected by harsh weather conditions. It lasts longer and the steel frame holds well in extreme weather conditions.

Consider Your Roofing and Shading Options

Consider Your Roofing and Shading Options

Determining the purpose of your pergola will help you decide what are your roofing and shading options. Keep in mind that there are numerous benefits that an outdoor pergola can bring your home.

Nowadays, there are many options to choose from that include shade cloth, retractable awnings, thatch, polycarbonate roofs, traditional battens, metal shades, and even insulated roofs.

Other pergolas also have ceilings and climbing vines like arbours, but still, provide that traditional pergola ambiance.

It is critical to know the type of roofing you will choose because this will also be a lifetime investment. So, if you need an outdoor pergola for year-round use, it is best to choose those that have a solid roof cover.

Pergolas for garden goes well with battens or roofings where plants can climb them. On the other hand, retractable awnings are ideal when you want to have a covered or open-roofed pergola.

If you want protection from the sun, then you can use roofs that have insulation. Remember that the area where you will place your pergola will also affect that decision.

Consider Any Accessories You Want  

Consider Any Accessories You Want

Adding accessories is the finishing touches for your outdoor pergola. It is a unique way to enhance and ensure that your pergola will be used to its full capacity and make the most of the space provided.

There are many accessories that you can add, depending on your style and taste. The most common accessories added for outdoor pergolas are ceiling fans, solar panels, lightings, and awnings.

Some add retractable roofs and shades, curtains, privacy walls, and even hanging planters! Such a wonderful idea, right? Adding accessories to your outdoor pergola allows you to bring out your artistic and creative side.

Think About Your Budget  

Think About Your Budget

Knowing how much you need to spend is a top priority when you decide to build your pergola. Set a budget and make sure that you maximise and stick to it so you can avoid needless spending.

Do your research and check pergola costs in the market. If you are running on a budget, then check out cheap pergola ideas. There are tons to choose from without sacrificing quality and design.

More importantly, remember to consider all the aspects of building your outdoor pergola including labour, materials, and other extra expenses.

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