Tradies – When Will Normality Return?

If we set our mind back only a few months, life was very normal and this China ‘COVID-19 thing’ appeared to be very removed from our day-to-day life. How wrong we were. At a pace of change, that has us all reeling, life as we knew it literally changed overnight.

While Tradies have generally been considered an ‘essential service’ and therefore been allowed to continue to work, with restrictions, this has not helped many businesses as their client base has not had the work to offer.

There have been massive layoffs with industries they serve such as retail, hospitality and transport grinding to a halt. Tradies have had contracts postponed and cancelled.

The curve is flattening and the restrictions appear to be working. So now our conversations turn to, “…how do we get our lives back?”. Normality is still some time away with social distancing and border closures likely to remain in place.

We are all hoping that in May restrictions will start to lift. There will likely be no opening of the floodgates, rather a slow filtering, of persons into sectors of the community that will be monitored and have increased testing for COVID-19 transmissions.

These results will be interpreted by the governments leading health advisers. The outcomes will see more relaxing of restrictions or, if infections increase, a return to many of the earlier restrictions.

This is likely to be a way of our lives until a vaccine is available to defeat COVID-19.

With normality on the horizon many pundits are forecasting a backlog of work for Tradies. Now is a good time to look at getting works planned around the house – before simple supply and demand economics see price increases, or delays with tradies in high demand.

HIREtrades continues to provide tradies 24/7. Below are ideas of jobs that you may want to plan with some of our highest demand trades.

Jobs to do around the house now

Air Conditioning 

Air Conditioning Services

The airconditioning trade is very seasonal with the summer months seeing a huge demand on tradies. As soon as the cooler weather kicks in they suffer a steep drop-off in work. Why not take advantage of this now? You may want to consider –

  • Installation – The two biggest cost factors are labour and the AC unit itself. As the tradies are coming off peak periods their labour rates and availablity may become more attractive.

    Additionally the Australian Dollar (AUD) has fallen around 20% against the US Dollar (USD) this year. With almost all AC units imported it is likely that price increases will follow once overseas factories resume full production. You may be able to find AC units still in stock at 2019 prices?

  • AC Maintenance – the beauty of having a reverse cycle air conditioner is that it can offer you year-round climate control.

    Now is the time to have the unit serviced for the cooler months. Advice is that that humidification, air conditioning and duct cleaning has no practical effect on the transmission of the COVID-19.

    Notwithstanding, many householders want air filters cleaned as they view that the movement of fresh assists. 


Handyman Services

The handyman is a jack-of-all-trades generally from a trades background and may have a speciality trade that they can apply across many facets. Remember that only licenced persons can undertake works like electrical and gas fitting. They can assist with jobs such as repairs and maintenance to –

  • Bricklaying
  • Carpentry
  • Concreting
  • Fencing
  • Garden Jobs
  • Paving
  • Tiling
  • Furniture assembly
  • Odd jobs
  • Picture and mirror hanging
  • Door and window repairs
  • And many more…..

HIREtrades can help you find a handyman in your neighbourhood. With an Australia-wide network of local tradies we can help match you with someone now. It’s easy to use from the website or app and you can post your job for free in just a few minutes.


Painting Services

Painters are one of the highest demand trades at HIREtrades. While COVID-19 restrictions will limit you to one only tradie at your premises at a time you will likely receive a great price and service from the tradie. You will also be helping your local painter out in challenging times. Some jobs to think about include –

  • Fence painting
  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Exterior timber maintenance

Hiring Tradies Safely Amidst COVID-19

HIREtrades take the threat of COVID-19 to our community very seriously. It is highly recommended that tradies and homeowners follow industry best practices to mitigate the risks of transmission. We have published a guide to assist both parties in their interactions.

HIREtrades can assist you to engage with tradies and receive up to three free quotes from local businesses by simply posting a no obligation free job online or using the HIREtrades app

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