What Mum Really Wants for Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and all of us want to make it a memorable day for the mothers in our lives.

We can do many things to make this day truly special for our mothers, and the good news is there is no need to spend a ton of money to make that happen.

Turning Mother’s Day into a special day can be as simple as dedicating a simple yet heartfelt message to our mother or making sure that she can have a day off from her usual chores.

Here are some ideas on how you can pamper your mother during her special day.

Uninterrupted sleep

It’s no secret that mothers rarely get a good night’s sleep with all the chores and duties they have to take care of. They often have to go to bed late and wake up early.

Sleep is vital to staying healthy, and we can make Mother’s Day special by letting our mothers stay in bed late by keeping the house quiet and keeping the kids away. You can even sweeten the deal by preparing a sumptuous breakfast in bed for her.

Sleep can also recharge a mother’s body, help regulate metabolism, ease body aches and help improve emotional and mental well-being. Sleep also helps the body discharge toxic waste byproducts in the human body.

Peaceful shower

We may not think of a peaceful shower as a treat, but it is for mothers. Mothers rarely get to spend a long time showering because they have kids to take care of or chores that need attending.

For Mother’s Day, you can prepare a long, warm, and peaceful shower for your mum. A calming shower can help soothe body aches and help her relax and relieve tensions and stress.

If you have a bathtub, you can make her shower even more special by turning it into an aromatherapy bath. Prepare some essential oils, aromatic oils, and a glass of wine to guarantee a relaxing time.

A Day Free of Duty

A typical day for a mother involves running the house, taking care of the kids, and doing household chores, so it will be great to take a break and relax, even for just one day.

Lightening her load during Mother’s Day is an excellent way of showing her that her daily efforts are appreciated.

A Break from Laundry Duty

You can start by taking care of the laundry for her. This is a simple yet meaningful gesture that a mother will be thankful for. Load up the washing machine and tell your mother that she can spend the day watching TV and relaxing instead.

Keeping the House Tidy and Clean

Keeping the house clean is a daily task that most mothers take time doing, and let’s admit, it is time-consuming and tiring.

Getting the house cleaned by professionals while your mother relaxes is an excellent Mother’s Day gift. If you don’t know where to hire a reliable house cleaning service, HIREtrades got you covered.

With the help of HIREtrades, you can post a cleaning job, and HIREtrades will help you get in touch with a house cleaning service near you.

If you’re worried about the house cleaning cost, you can discuss it with your siblings so you can pool your money and make it a present for all of you.

What’s excellent about HIREtrades is you can also receive free quotes from local tradies so you can compare prices and hire the tradie whose rate is right up your budget.

With the help of HIREtrades, you can give your Mum a clean house as a Mother’s Day gift without worrying about an exorbitant house cleaning cost.

A Delicious Meal

A classic way to treat your Mum during Mother’s Day is to treat her to a delicious meal. Mothers, especially stay-at-home ones, rarely eat out, which makes Mother’s Day an excellent opportunity to treat them.

Be sure to book her favourite restaurant in advance because Mother’s Day is a busy day for restaurants, and a reservation can help you guarantee a table.

You can also cook for your Mum and treat her to an intimate garden dinner. You can learn how to cook a simple yet delicious meal via online tutorials. It may not taste as great as that of a Michelin Star restaurant, but your Mum will appreciate your effort.

A Treat to Spa

A relaxing day at the spa is a luxury that most mothers don’t get often. Mother’s Day is a great time to pamper your Mum with a full-body massage and a facial treatment.

A day at the spa can help your Mum forget about her household chores and concentrate on just pampering herself.

A massage can also help ease body pains and relieve stress. This is also an excellent excuse to get your mother out of the house so you can have your house cleaning service and do their magic.

Time with Family

Spending quality time with the family is a simple and inexpensive way of rewarding your Mum. Mothers rarely get to spend time with the entire family because other family members are either at school or work.

Quality time can be as simple as helping her with the chores. You can also spend the day binge-watching movies or a series, and you can let your Mum decide which ones to watch.

You can also have a BBQ in your yard and spend the day catching up with each other. It may not sound much, but mothers cherish every single moment that they spend with their family.

Thoughtful Messages

Another inexpensive gift to Mums are simple yet thoughtful messages. It may sounds cliché, but even though Mums know that the entire family appreciates their efforts, it is nice to hear them directly from their children.

You can get a simple card from your local stationery shop and have your other siblings write their messages. You can even surprise her by asking her friends to write her messages.

Another idea is to record your message into a video and have others do it as well. You can compile the messages into one video that you can show your mum.


A mum’s love for her children is one-of-a-kind and unparalleled, and they deserve the best things in life every day. This Mother’s Day, let the most special women in your life know how much they mean to you. Shower them with love and thoughtful gifts!

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