Why Becoming a Tradie is a Great Career Choice

Did you know that Tradies make up over 30% of the Australian workforce? It’s true. It’s also true that recent surveys showed that a quarter of Australian tradesmen were earning $100,000 a year.

Getting into the tradie industry is as good profession as any to aspire for. Tradies earn a lot for each job. According to statistics, Plumbers top the list earning $110,000.

Other notable Tradies that rank high include Electricians, Plumbers and Handymen.

You can find a complete list of the top 15 Earning Jobs for Tradies here:

Job Salary
Plumber $110,00
Concreters $107,500
Builder $103,750
Flooring Company Tradeperson $103,125
Carpenter $102,424
Earthworks Contractor $94,167
Bricklayer $92,500
Building Designer $91,111
Air Conditioning and Heating Technician $90,455
Lighting Installer $90,000
Landscaper $88,750
Renderer $87,500
Electrician $85,972
Removalist $84,167
Plasterer $82,500

If you’re curious to learn more about the various advantages of Tradies, check out the rest of our guide below.

You’re Not Confined to an Office

Not everyone is going to love working a 9-5 job at the office. However, if you’re someone who prefers to take your daily grind outside, the Tradies profession may be for you.

There are a couple of reasons why you may want a non-office job. For one, it will keep you on your feet and off the chair. Sitting all day at your workstation can lull you into a comfortable but ultimately unhealthy routine.

Whereas if you’re outdoors, you’ll be exposed to different environments with more fresh air day to day. You’ll also be able to carry out more healthy exercises outside to keep yourself fit.

Employee morale can also significantly increase whilst doing tasks outside versus inside. Granted, some tradie jobs like plumbing and carpentry will take you inside, but these will change from job to job.

Job Security

A common problem that comes about in the job market is whether there’s enough demand in the profession. Currently, there’s a huge demand for trade work and tradie recruitment.

Research suggests, 3/4 of Australian households will hire at least one tradie every year. This can translate to big potential for growth in the trades industry, considering that the housing industry also continues to grow. It’s also notable that the residential trade sector is an important player in the Australian economy as it contributes to around 6% of the country’s GDP.

On the recruitment front, there’s also some positive news. According to the local government Labour Market, activities relating to local Tradie recruitment reached their highest in over 12 years.

We should point out however that the level of demand is still dependent on the particular trade industry you’re joining. Research by Procore found that the Tradie jobs presently facing a skills shortage are primarily Plasterers, Bricklayers, Labourers, Electricians and Plumbers.

Work Flexibility (You Can Travel And Earn Money)

Remember what we said about how tradies aren’t confined to the office? Well, that’s not even the best part.

The nature of working as a tradie means you’ll have to travel a lot. This means you get the opportunity to visit and explore desirable and out of the way locales while earning money.

Just like any job, you may think that your schedule will confine you to choose between earning more money and using non-working time. But in truth, it’s not always going to be like that.

When you start out, you may be called to a strict schedule. But after you establish your own practice, you’re practically free to cater each schedule and assignment the way you want to.

A whopping 70% of tradies have reported setting their own schedule and running their own practice.

Given the current demand and shortage of tradies, you can refuse jobs without losing income. You can pick the jobs you want, and even charge call-out fees for jobs on short notice.

In short, you can practically work when and where you want. A dream that most professionals strive to have.

There’s always ROOM for GROWTH

A common misconception about the trades industry is that it’s an undesirable sector for the uneducated or only a place for the physically fit. These claims are false.

The trades have more than enough room for people with different specialties. For example, a construction site may need someone to prepare the cost estimate of building materials for the project.

If you’re a math major with these kinds of skills, you could be a shoo-in for this kind of job and more. Although you may start as a cost estimator, you can quickly build up your experience and become project manager in no time.

Some of the same circumstances may occur for people who start out as service technicians. At a certain point, they can become service managers who are regularly consulted to maintain certain systems.

In short, your preconceptions of a certain job may only appear that way at a lower level. Never forget that there’s room for job growth that can allow professionals to harness skills they may or may not yet have.

Get a Career You Love…Become a TRADIE

Have we made you curious about the Trades industry? We hope so.

There’s never been a better time to join the ranks of Tradies who can peddle their skills nationwide and abroad. As each year passes, demand for the industry only grows with more opportunities for prospective applicants.

And for those of you who are already in the industry and are aspiring for more, we highly encourage you to start planning on getting your own business up and running.

As we said, there’s more than enough room for more trade businesses, especially in Australia. We here at HIREtrades will be more than happy to help you curate more clients and register you on our website.

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