Front Fence Maintenance Before Winter

Functionality-wise, a front fence serves as a protective barrier from potential intrusions and noise disturbance. It promotes safety and privacy which keeps the house members at ease and more secure. Fencing structures also add visual appeal and contribute to your home’s overall value. Consequently, poor installation degrades its performance and aesthetics.

Lack of maintenance also makes it susceptible to damage. That being said, paying attention to front fence upkeep presents a lot of benefits, especially before the winter breeze sets in. If you want to make your fencing system working (and looking) great in the lead up to winter (and all year round), be sure to give it proper maintenance with the help of a Fencing Expert.

The Power Of Inspection

Is your front fence made of timber, aluminium, wrought iron, brick or stone? Whichever material was used in construction, it’s essential to set a regular inspection to prevent early deterioration.

Most areas across Australia may not have cold weather conditions but moisture and moulds have the possibility to appear. Timber fences, for instance, may acquire rot or decay which results in structural damage. With thorough checks on the structure, you can easily spot issues such as cracks, wear and tear, and rust.

New Installation Or Repairs?

Building a new fence may be pricey and demand a longer schedule to complete than that of performing fixes. But if the present condition requires new fencing materials (wood planks or steel bars) to be installed, make no second thoughts.

However, there are State and local requirements to follow if you plan to build a front fence. A few of these include:

Height. In Queensland, building approval is required if the proposed fence is more than two metres high. Other prerequisites are available for checking to ensure that homeowners from QLD adhere to their city council.

Location. Will the fence impede your neighbours’ daily activities or cause water flow restriction from nearby properties? It’s important that you verify the fencing location with your local council to avoid inconvenience and neighbourhood disputes.

Materials. Whether your proposed fencing material is timber or metal, periodic maintenance is still required. For untreated wood posts, recoating is necessary.

On another note, saving an old timber fence is simple: either you choose to DIY or hire a fencing construction professional.
However, the process can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Other local authorities also prohibit unqualified individuals to undertake fencing projects. So when the need arises, and for decent and lasting results, you can trust a good tradie to do the task.

Extended Protection

If the existing front fence has minor flaws on the cosmetic side, it has to be rectified immediately. For instance, wood fences need proper staining after installation. Waterproofing also helps to protect the structure and keep it from harsh conditions outdoors. Likewise, aluminium fences need sufficient amounts of powder-coating to guarantee durability and extend their lifespan.

While the aesthetic aspect is less important than the structure’s functionality, dealing with it should be a big concern too. After all, any enhancements done within the property increases the possibility of landing to a home sale (if the owner has decided to sell it).

Most Fencing Contractors Are Less Busy During Autumn

Most tradies in general often have their plates full during spring or summer. So while you’re preparing for the colder months, make sure your front fence is included in the list of tasks to deal with. You have no need to worry about waiting weeks for your prospective tradie to respond or agree with your preferred timeframe these days.

Also, the temperature level during the autumn season rarely goes high and low. Most of the time, it goes somewhere in between. Although the climate varies depending on what State you live in, it’s good to take advantage of the moderate weather before the winter enters the scene.

See that you make time for thorough maintenance to keep your fence in good condition. For a desirable outcome, it’s best to seek help from a qualified fencing contractor. With HIREtrades guiding you, you’re off to having a beautiful, durable fence.


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