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3 Techniques of Experts with a Green Thumb

Plants are beautiful, living organisms that require constant care and attention. If there are people who value and look after the plants’ welfare as much as you do, they are gardening professionals seeking to achieve their needed growth.

To have a green thumb is to understand the physiology and behaviour of your plants. A horticulturist or plantsman is equipped with such skills to ensure their health and maturation.

Whether these plants are for indoor or outdoor space, getting familiarised with the different techniques they apply is an added knowledge. Here are some of what experts with a green thumb do:

1. Getting the perfect lighting for plants.

Choosing a location for your plants is important to get the best of nutrients they need. Are they most likely to grow when placed indoors or outdoors? Some species such as bromeliads can thrive in indoor and outdoor areas as they prefer warmth and humidity. Can they survive in low to medium or medium to high level of light? Garden experts come up with effective solutions to keep them flourishing.

Other times, lamps and reflectors are used to control the amount of light directing to the plants. Some homeowners invest in warm and cool light sources to adjust the lighting colour required in each species. Whether you consider placing them in the house or office, make sure to identify their air and light situation capacity to maintain their growth.

2. Potting a plant.

Green thumb experts know the basics of potting and repotting. Rootbound is one common problem that hinders a plant’s growth if it fails to follow a method known as propagation. Potbound happens when a potted plant’s roots become tangled and are not repotted in a larger bucket. The job may sound fast and simple, but the process requires a high degree of care as it determines the future condition of your plants.

Remember that each species has its unique growing mechanisms and not all are necessary to put in a pot. These specialists are available to apply their knowledge, show you the proper way of staging and suggest a perfect time to repot if you need guidance in learning what bulbs or plants to place in a container. Not only can they guide you in selecting the right garden pot, but they can also help in adding decorative foliage to make it more appealing.

3. Watering indoor plants.

Plants are said to contain almost 80% of water. Not getting the required amount of liquid can make them suffer and die eventually. Green thumb experts make sure to identify the plant and its lighting capacity (low, medium or high) before pouring out a certain quantity of fluid into the soil. Overwatering puts them at risk, so it’s advisable to check the dryness level by letting your hand or fingers touch the topsoil.

For instance, low-light plants do not need much water. Changes in season also have an influence in caring for them. An expert gardener’s assistance is beneficial to know what groups will require the most attention. Garden experts can also give practical pieces of advice in terms of feeding adjustments and cleaning methods, especially during winter.

Keeping Your Lawns Eco-Friendly

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Potted plants contribute to improving the air quality and adding beauty to the surroundings. Healthy lawns can provide health benefits and give a well-defined look.

Eco-friendly lawns have:

  • A balanced level of soil pH. Determining the current level of acidity and alkalinity of your lawn is vital to know if it requires a slight increase or decrease in amount. Conducting a soil test will give you enough information to prevent issues from occurring and leaving it out of hand.
  • A regulated amount of air. Landscape professionals and garden experts make use of lawn coring method to make oxygen available within the soil. The machine used creates holes and allows water to permeate through the ground until it reaches the root system.
  • A rubbish-free area. Lawns exist to add value to your property and for recreational purposes.  Removing dead leaves, excess branches and scrap materials will drive away pests and unpleasant smell. This preventive measure also limits the use of harmful insecticides.

Whether you’re planning to add a landscape in your backyard or extend your existing lawn, consulting a reliable green thumb expert and professional landscape builder is a wise choice. You can guarantee an environment-friendly lawn with the potential to attract buyers if you have plans of selling your property in the future.

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