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Must See: Australia’s Most Beautiful Gardens

Mayfield Gardens

Gardening is a favourite pastime among Australians, especially when it comes to garden maintenance. Research claims that Australians love to keep a beautifully maintained garden – be it at home or in commercial areas.

Take inspiration from Australia’s must-see gardens to appreciate the beauty of our own.

Mayfield Garden (Oberon)

Established in 1984 as a sheep farm, Mayfield is a 64-hectare amusement hub located in the town of Oberon. It consists of two land acres known as the Private Family Garden and the Water Garden. The first one is open to public visits during autumn and spring. The latter gives you the advantage of coming to it all year-round. Some of the key attractions are the 80-metre cascade, walled kitchen garden and the Croquet Court. Companies often use it to host events such as Autumn Fest where the Private Garden is open to guests and tourists.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens (Mt Coot-tha)

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

A 56-hectare field that grows more than 20,000 plants was founded in 1970, but opened to public visits in 1976. Brisbane Botanical Gardens feature a combination of native and exotic plants, comprising 5,000 plant species in the surrounding area. Some of its famous attractions are the Japanese Gardens, Bonsai House and Fragrant Plants. Australians wanting to relax from daily grind can visit this place. It is a perfect venue for workshops, family outings and kid-friendly activities. Kids can enjoy the Hide ‘n’ Seek Children’s Trail throughout their stay.

Australian Garden (Cranbourne)


Also known as Cranbourne Gardens, the Australian Garden is a den of Australia’s flora with over 170,000 native plants. It is a 15-hectare architecture located on the outskirts of Cranbourne and functions as part of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Property owners looking to redesign or expand their existing landscape can find inspiration from its featured homegrown plants. Visitors can also view sculptural elements as a representation of the country’s lakes and rivers.

Is it time for Garden Maintenance?

garden maintenance service

Without the close involvement of professional horticulturists, you won’t find any gardens healthy and attractive. Getting them to redefine even a small backyard has a huge effect on your property’s value. Keeping a regularly maintained lawn makes it more appealing and beneficial for people, both young and old. Aside from the health impact it creates, it contributes to improving the environment at large.

Due to time constraints, there’ll come a time when you won’t be able to devote enough time for your lawn. Investing in garden maintenance services allows you to look after other priorities and increase your productivity. Not only are they able to accomplish all the necessary procedures to preserve the original look of your lawn, but they are also equipped with effective techniques and materials to perform each step with ease and accuracy.

Whether you need help in watering, pruning, grafting, potting and fertilising your plants, professional gardeners are highly skilled and experienced to handle the job with a high degree of care and certainty. Some garden maintenance work includes rubbish removal, weed control, lawn mowing, trimming, cutting out excess branches and irrigation procedures. Other companies give you the privilege to choose between a one-off and regular service, depending on your budget and availability.

Owning a small or huge landscape is a combination of endless fulfilment and spending. Not only are you expected to protect your plants from insects and diseases, but you are also responsible for monitoring their growth and removing any damaged plants that can infect other species through the help of your local gardener.

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Featured Photo courtesy of Fantastic Aussie Tours via Google