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Top 4 Design Ideas for Landscaping in South East Melbourne

Retirement is all about relaxation and having peace of mind. Did you know that you can achieve this without leaving the comfort of your own home? 

Yes, you can do this by transforming your garden into a peaceful haven. Here are the top 4 design ideas for landscaping in Melbourne South East.

1. The Long and Straight Garden

The long and straight garden is the most common type of landscaping design for the small and narrow garden. This is highly effective because this design creates the illusion of having a long walkway. The key to successfully pulling this design off is getting the right shape of the lawn and pavement. This ensures the garden has the right balance.

Other key elements of this design include:

  • Shades – Choose an average height plant to place in the garden. This will ensure that the shade will not totally block the view and sunlight.
  • Pathway – There are two styles for the pathway: straightforward and curvy. The straightforward style is done by creating a single path. This is a great style if you want to direct your visitors’ attention straight to your house.But if you want your visitor to focus on your garden’s view, you can choose the curvy style. The curvy style is done by adding a pattern to your pathway. The shape can either be a half circle or a zigzag.
  • Plants arrangement – The plants’ arrangement is the most important part of this garden design because it is the main attraction. It’s advisable to choose plants that have different shapes and colours to make the garden livelier.

2. The Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden design is advisable for everyone who loves eating fresh and healthy food all the time. The simplest design of a vegetable garden is by making multiple columns of garden plots on the ground. The overall design will only be completed once the seeds started to grow and bloom.

But if you want a much bolder design, you can add an arch on the entryway then plant a crop (example string beans) that crawls beside it. When the crops start to grow around the arch, your garden will look like a fairyland.  Aside from arches, you can also add raised beds and stepping stones as the pathway to create depths.

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3. Miegakure Garden

The Miegakure is a technique commonly used by Japanese garden designers. This technique will hide all the main features of the garden and it will only be revealed once the visitor continues to explore the garden. Due to this hide-and-reveal effect, this design is advisable for homeowners who have a huge garden lot or space.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use this on small spaces. You still can but you have to strategically create an illusion of distance. Here are some details that you can add in this garden to create the illusion of distance:

  • Stones Steps These stone steps will serve as the pathway of the garden. But instead of lining it straight, the stones need to be installed in a stair-like design. It’s ideal to choose a light-coloured stone for this because it easily stands out even in shady areas. You can create an illusion of distance if you plant tall trees on one end of it and bushy shrubs on each side of the steps. Make sure to choose plants with dark green leaves to add a mysterious effect to it.
  • Bridge A bridge is a good addition if you have a man-made pond in your garden. Just like in the stone steps, you can create an illusion of distance if you plant tall trees on one end of it.

4. The Hedge Garden

The hedge gardens are one of the favourite options for garden designs because of their neat format. It’s a plus that it has tons of selections and can easily be formed in any shape you prefer. The simplest design of a hedge garden is that it is lined it up and formed in either a circle or rectangle. But if you want something grand, you can have a chessboard or puzzle design.

The 3 best hedges to plant in the garden are the following:

  • Daintree pine is a tall type of hedge that is commonly used as Christmas trees. It can grow up to 23 feet tall. For this tree to live long, you must water and mulch it well.
  • Acmena Allyn Magic Acmena Allyn Magic is a dwarf type of hedge and commonly placed on a patio or deck. Its leaves are of a green and bronze colour. It also produces a white flower as it matures. Acmena Allyn Magic can grow up to 3 feet tall.
  • Bauhinia corymbose is a type of hedge that produces lots of pink flowers. It can grow up to 13 feet tall and can be planted in well-drained soil. The good thing about these hedges is it only needs a moderate amount of watering.

Landscaping in Melbourne South East can be exhausting. But don’t let it stop you from transforming your garden into your very own wonderland. If you’re doubtful about it, you can always consult a professional landscape designer to help you.

Featured Photo Courtesy of MabelAmber via Pixabay

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