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5 Winter Ideas To Protect Your Home

It’s best to perform regular checks and have your home winter-proofed to save you money on repairs or replacement. Read on these 5 ideas to help your home withstand winter while promoting a more comfortable environment around the house.

1. Weed the garden.

Hire a reliable gardening expert to meet your gardening needs.

Compacted soils can pose health hazards on your garden. The problem with hard ground is that water can hardly permeate the soil and its roots. This can dry out the root system and result in less crop production.

One effective way to loosen up firm soil is through aeration.

  • Simply grab a pitchfork to create small holes on the lawn or garden. This gives the subsurface of the soil a space to breathe.
  • Add mulch when necessary. This helps to keep the moisture in the soil by up to 25 per cent.
  • Use a garden rake to spread out the soil nutrients. This could include fertilisers such as organic mulches.

Frequent downpours can cause weeds to grow. Uncontrolled weed appearance affects your plants’ wellbeing so make sure to remove them entirely before they mature. You may:

  • Use your hand to pluck the weeds including the roots,
  • Hoe the soil to get rid of them; or
  • Pour chemical products.

If you can’t do the job, you may hire a professional gardener to help you with weed control jobs and other gardening needs.

2. Remove moulds.

Hire a professional cleaning service provider to remove moulds around your home.
Photo courtesy of Infrogmation via Wikimedia Commons

Do you have leak problems on your ceilings or walls? Since these organisms love damp environments, expect moulds to form. Check all possible areas as you check for mould in your home:

  • Wallpaper
  • Attic
  • Window sills
  • Chimneys
  • Carpets
  • Sinks & toilets
  • Appliances (microwave, etc)

Determine what type of mould lies on your sinks or under your carpet for instance. Some are visible, but others are not. If you see a few patches, don’t ignore it. Not only do they look unpleasant, but they can also be detrimental to your health. If you don’t see any, notice any unfamiliar odour around your home. It can be that moulds are starting to form.

Consider these mould removal tips:

  • Remove the mould with a few home remedies such as mixing vinegar with water. You may also blend it with salt or baking soda for a more effective result. Wipe the affected area using a microfibre cloth.
  • Use hospital-grade, chemical disinfectants. These products differ from what most homeowners use. Hospital cleaning products are believed to be more effective in treating spores and fungi.
  • Wash clothing and soft fabrics to leave no traces of dirt or moulds. For your carpet and other furnishings, you may hire a trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning service to help you.

Find the source of leaks or water damage to eradicate the root of the problem.

3. Insulate and draught-proof.

Hire a professional insulation service provider to regulate your home's temperature.

Another aspect to check around the house is your insulation. Are your walls, floors and ceilings properly insulated? Insulation plays a vital role in regulating a room’s temperature.

There’s more to winter proofing than insulating your home. Draught proofing your home also helps to improve your home’s thermal efficiency and comfort levels.

Hire a handyman to draught-proof your doors, windows and other small openings.

Uncontrolled draught causes one’s heating and cooling energy to reduce by up to 50 per cent. Imagine having to pay huge bills on power consumption and losing air quality inside.

Check your doors and windows. Cracks and tiny spaces around the edges allow cool air to enter the room (and warm air to escape).

  • Caulk the gaps to block off the entry point of cool air (and keep warm air from coming out). If you need assistance, you may hire a professional handyman to do the job. A window repair specialist also helps to address the issue.
  • Put door snakes under the front and back door.
  • Buy weather strips or adhesive sheets to cover the tiny openings. Visit your local hardware store and ask your local council if they can recommend someone to install it for you.

4. Perform roof checks.

Hire a roof maintenance professional to repair and restore your roofing system.

Check your roof for signs of leaks or damage. Heavy rains often reveal what area is flawed and in need of repair. Before the problem worsens, you need a roof repair specialist to rectify the issue. A reliable tradie will tell you their assessment right away.

  • Do you need a roof restoration service to resolve the problem? In some cases, replacement is required so make sure to know which is more necessary to do.
  • What type of roof material can withstand the weather conditions in your area? If you live in a cold temperate area, you may need a sturdier roof to cope with harsh climates.
  • Who will do the repairs and maintenance? It is recommended to hire a roof maintenance expert than perform the job yourself. It will save you money and ensure your safety.

5. Check the gutter.

Hire a gutter cleaning specialist for your home.

As you check your roof, be sure to keep the gutters in good condition. This helps to prevent rainwater from damaging your downpipes and structure.

  • Clean the gutter from mud streaks, twigs, leaves and any form of debris. A gutter cleaning service specialist can help you with the job.
  • Consider installing roof gutter guards to minimise the need to clean it. This can also keep pests from pestering your home.
  • Have your guttering checked by a professional to ensure that it functions well when heavy rains come.

Are these ideas in your checklist? Make sure to winter-proof your home to keep you and your property safe throughout the season.

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