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5 Home Maintenance Services For Seniors

Coping with the aging ability of most senior citizens can be a bit difficult. For this reason, some homeowners resort to remote home care.

But there are practical ways or alternatives to help resolve such concern. Most government and non-government sectors offer programs that promote home maintenance services for seniors to accommodate the ever-changing demands of elderly living.

If we can help make our homes easily adaptable to our aging family members, then there’s no need to move them to (or pay for) remote home care.

Whether you want to upgrade your home or add relevant, senior-friendly alterations for increased safety and productivity, it’s good to get help from a qualified tradie.

Here are the most common home maintenance services for seniors to avail of from a trusted tradie (other services can be free of charge):

1. Repair Services

House repairs involving door locks, shower base or minor plumbing issues should be carefully (and urgently) addressed by a professional tradie. Resolving safety and security problems at the onset of the situation will somehow make them feel comfortable and safe.

For instance, dealing with loose screws on a timber deck or broken door handles requires good eye-hand coordination. The job also demands physical bending which may lead to internal illnesses or injuries if done by the elderly.

Likewise, if the drain or toilet needs fixing, it’s more practical to get a professional plumber to carry out the job. Electrical-related jobs such as replacing power points or rewiring should be best left to experienced electricians as well. Working on these jobs could leave their back or knees aching severely.

2. Handyman Services

Changing light globes and replacing a cabinet handle may sound simple, but for aging people, it’s not. Same with assembling a piece of flat-pack furniture (e.g. table, cupboard), these tasks can only be accomplished by a skilled handyman.

This is especially true when tackling minor painting jobs and basic concreting. As these jobs require constant physical work like moving, mixing of products, and carrying heavy equipment, it’s safe to entrust them to the experts.

Minor repairs (e.g. lamps, light fixtures) are also part of general handyman services. Some government agencies like My Aged Care provide low-cost assistance on structural or cosmetic repairs depending on the situation and state regulations. Seniors, along with low-income families and people with disability, are provided with grants to help them spend less than what they are expected.

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3. Cleaning Services

Domestic cleaning is a regular household task that busy people may struggle with. More so with the seniors, as they are expected to get more rest than perform house chores. Although some can manage to work simple jobs such as mopping the floor or wiping the countertop, they still need assistance.

Most especially the bathroom and kitchen as wall and floor tiles need constant cleaning. Grime, dirt and debris can easily form in between the gaps and damage the grout. Rubbing or wiping them one by one can be a daunting task. This is where hiring a professional cleaner to provide tile and grout services becomes essential.

Doing the laundry and ironing are two other energy-draining jobs included in the list. Sure, using a machine to wash the clothes can work. But to ensure your safety and keep you from exhaustion, consider getting a cleaner to assist you.

4. Gardening Services

Lawn mowing, pruning, and weeding are few of the garden care jobs that consume too much time to complete. Not to mention the energy required if the garden shrubs or lawn need rigorous maintenance.

Seniors themselves couldn’t possibly manage to perform such tasks for the fear of acquiring health issues. In tropical areas, heat stroke or exhaustion is the most prominent condition that seniors (or people at any age) can get.

But regardless of the season, it’s important that you value the importance of hiring a gardening specialist to ensure one’s health and the garden’s wellbeing.

Cleaning up the garden yard or removing all kinds of rubbish is another task that should be dealt with. Everyone understands the importance of proper disposal of the garden wastes. So, it’s a huge relief for the elders to know that it has been taken care of.

The good news is your hired tradie can finish up the work without you getting stressed out.

5. Installation Services

Aside from home maintenance services for seniors, one way to make your house more age-friendly is to add a few features. Shower grab rails, access ramps and egress pathways are only a few of these upgrades.

For example, if you’re looking to construct egress pathways for added (and easy) access, you can ask a qualified carpenter or builder to work on your behalf.

Likewise, adding handrails on staircases will provide seniors independence and safety in spite of their age and reduced participation in physical activities.

Flyscreen and emergency alarm installation are also an option. Not only do they minimise potential health or accident risks, but also help in keeping peace inside your home. Make sure to get in touch with experienced handymen, builders or electricians to guarantee successful installations.

Be Open For Change

Are you looking to make little amendments and keep your house well-maintained for your aging family members? Investing in home maintenance services for seniors doesn’t have to be financially burdening.

You can always consult your local government to verify the requirements needed for funding support. Also, it helps to get yourself familiarised with the possible grant inclusions to receive.

Some government and non-profit organisations send their own home care team to offer assistance and conduct home maintenance services for seniors.

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