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Why You Need a Gutter Cleaning Service This Spring

It’s best to consider a gutter cleaning service as the Spring season takes over. For homeowners with no time or little capacity to do the job, getting an expert’s assistance can make the process safer and more convenient.

Gutters serve to protect your home from potential leaks and drainage problems caused by large amounts of rainwater and debris. Cleaning them helps to keep your roof and the entire structure from acquiring significant damage.

Leaving them unchecked for several months can allow water to overflow and permeate indoors which can affect wooden structures and may weaken your structural foundation.

Breaking the Gutter Cleaning Myths

Most homes have trees nearby and to help extend the life of your gutters, it’s good to know the basic considerations and preventive measures. Some common problems may include faulty installation, clogged gutters, obvious cracks and holes, and sagging gutters.

Below are popular gutter cleaning myths that require your attention:

1. Gutter cleaning is easy and can be done alone.

Climbing up a ladder may sound simple, but one wrong move may cause accidents. Not hiring a  gutter cleaner may cause serious injury due to unwanted falls. Think about this: even the experts encounter accidents at some point. According to research, there are more than 32% cases of falls resulted in a serious injury.

While it’s viable to take out piles of mud and dirt from the gutters, it’s safe to entrust the task to a professional to get the job done efficiently and with less disruption.

2. The need for gutter cleaning can be replaced by gutter guards.

Gutter guards help in preventing debris and other external elements from getting inside the gutters. However, it’s not right to conclude that adding these into your roof gutters will cease or lessen the need to have them cleaned regularly.

Formed particles like dirt and dust can still make their way into the gutters. Pests such as rodents and vermin may also find a safe haven in them. When that happens, it may harm not only your health but also the structural integrity of the property.

3. Gardeners are up for gutter cleaning.

It’s possible that your local gardener knows basic cleaning methods to do the job, but it’s best to go to someone who is more skilled and experienced in completing the task.

Certified gutter cleaners use highly specialised equipment such as vacuums to gather any form of rubbish or sludge in the gutters. Their expertise is undoubtedly proven and tested for years.

When Do You Need a Gutter Cleaning Service

Generally, two to four times a year is the standard gutter cleaning frequency that homeowners should practice. Others, however, have their gutters cleaned once or twice a year if the weather condition and nearby trees are not an issue.

The varying climate conditions in Australia and State practices are also important considerations to remember. For instance, seasonal transitions indicate the need to prioritise a gutter cleaning service to make sure that no signs of holes or any form of damage are present in the gutters.

Also, it’s safe to consider other features such as gutter guards. Although they help to guarantee protection, gutters are still prone to losing their durability without proper and regular maintenance.

How Much Does a Gutter Cleaning Service Cost

The cost of a gutter cleaning service varies depending on the gutter size or length and the amount of time needed to complete the job. Other important factors such as the complexity of the process, equipment used for gaining access to hard-to-reach areas and the gutter cleaners professional fee determine the overall service pricing.

Gutter cleaners may charge an hourly rate or based on the scope of work and level of difficulty. Is the height of the roof easily accessible using a ladder? Does the gutter cleaner need a safety harness to remove the accumulated debris such as leaves and branches? Having a gutter guard installed also contributes to dictating the cost.

In Sydney, the service cost ranges from $100 to $250 for a one storey house. The price increases as the structural dimension of the house rises. Site inspection are also needed to determine the exact cost. It’s best to get feedback from nearby homeowners and client reviews to help you organise your finances ahead of time.

Leave the Gutter Cleaning Service to the Experts

Make sure to include a gutter cleaning service on your to-do list. Not only does it minimise the risk of acquiring financial losses but also help lessen the inconvenience that damages may bring.

It’s best not to go down the DIY route for gutter cleaning especially if you lack the capability and experience to accomplish the job. HIREtrades can help you find a professional roof gutter cleaning in your area.

Who knows? Your gutter cleaner might discover some tiny fragments of gold in it!

Featured Photo Courtesy of USFWS via flickr

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