2019 Handyman Call Out Fee Guide

When booking a handyman for a job, homeowners often hear the term ‘call out fee’. There are some mistaken this as the handyman’s labour fee. But it is not because the handyman call out fee is being added to their labour fee.

What is a handyman call out fee?

The handyman call out fee is the amount that covers all their expenses when they come to the client’s house. Few of the expenses that it may cover are the fuel, goods and services tax, and travel cost.

This 2019, the average handyman call out fee ranges from $30 to $70.

How do they compute the exact handyman call out fee?

The call out fee is often based on the handyman rates per hour. But there also some who (handyman) will come up a reasonable cost depending on the complexity of the job and the travel time.

This 2019, the average handyman rates per hour range from $35 up to $50. The minimum rate is often given for small-sized jobs or jobs that require minimal effort. But this may still change depending on their experience level:

  • With 0 to 5 years of experience, the handyman rates per hour is $24.82.
  • With more than 10 years of experience, the handyman rates per hour is $55.

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Do they always charge a call out fee?

No, not all companies charge a handyman call out fee. But be careful! There are some handyman/companies that may not charge a call out fee but will add tons of additional charges in the bill.

To avoid paying an expensive service, make sure to read everything that is written on the bill. You must check if all the services and materials included are based upon your agreement/contract.

If you feel that they are not charging you a reasonable cost or they never clarify the charged amount beforehand, you can always file a dispute. To know your rights as a consumer, you can read the Australian Consumer Law.  

There is also consumer protection that is dedicated per States and Territory. It’s wise to read this as well to ensure you are protected.

Is the handyman call out fee refundable?

Unfortunately, handyman call out fee is not refundable. But there is some handyman who offers a rescheduling or transferable option. It’s ideal to clarify this to the handyman when you inquire.

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