4 Common DIY Accidents Around The Home

Many homeowners resort to DIY when hiring a professional isn’t an option. But no matter how skilled or careful you are, accidents are more prone to happen to those who don’t have the professional skill or experience.

DIY presents many benefits in terms of costs. You get to improvise and repair stuff even without paying anything or calling a tradie to back you up.

Hanging a floating shelf, replacing a drawer handle and fixing a door hinge are only a few things you can do through the help of some online tutorials and short courses.

While DIY can help lessen your home expenses, it also puts your safety at risk especially if the job requires the use of power tools or hard objects.

Here are some of the common DIY accidents which can happen around your home.

Unwanted Slips and Falls

DIY projects can be cost-effective but the risk of falling awaits you when working on roofs or when the job demands the use ladders.

Other than bumps and bruises, it’s possible to get concussion, wounds and even fractures depending on the degree of fall.

Among the many accidents such as slips, trips and falls, falling on or from a ladder is the most common.

According to the 2017 fact sheet report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), more than 38 per cent of DIY-related injuries affect both males and females aged 15 and above. That’s 1,262 in 3,318 Aussies recorded from 2013-14.

Although wearing slip-resistant footwear or working with a sturdy ladder can help prevent fall accidents, it’s wise to have someone who knows the job and is more experienced inside and out.

Trauma from Improper Use of Hand and Power Tools

Another reason is lack of knowledge when using the necessary equipment for the job.

The same AIWH report reveals that the second leading cause is closely related with the use of powered hand tools and machinery in households, with 27 per cent of people with cases of injuries recorded in the same year.

Handsaws and pitchforks are among the list of non-powered tools which resulted in 88 open wound cases and 44 cases of fractures.

On another note, lawnmowers, powered saws and drills also result in amputation of fingers, fractures and open wound.

You don’t want to be included in the next set of statistics, do you?

Even the most experienced and cautious person faces accidents at some point so it’s important to take extra care when handling tasks by yourself.

Better if you delegate the job to a professional to make the process less likely to fail and prevent potential risks with your safety and finances.

Burns and Cuts

It’s highly possible to get painful burns when working with wires, fires or chemicals. No matter if you wear protective equipment to keep you from electrical accidents as well as fire or chemical exposure, there can still be a time when things are beyond your control. It could either be a result of your own doing or others.

Wearing protective masks, glasses and arm sleeves can reduce the risk of health-related injuries.

Likewise, working with pointed objects such as knives, saws, scissors, screwdrivers and nail guns can be unsafe.

Hand gloves can be a solution but for increased safety, it’s better to find a tradesman who can assist you.

Lifting-related Injury

Carrying massive objects or equipment can pose a threat not only to your health but also for your finances.

Losing grip when holding or lifting heavy materials is a common cause of injury.

When in doubt, it’s wise to get someone’s help or hire a handyman to handle the job for you. Hard and heavy objects should be best left to a pro for guaranteed safety.

DIY isn’t the ONLY option.

Attempting to DIY can be a good idea but can also lead to larger costs – and serious injuries – when things go wrong.

Whether you’re up for remodelling your house or do some fixing around your home, it’s best to not go overboard with DIY methods to avoid future mishaps.

Getting a handyman to assist you with basic carpentry and odd jobs can go a long way without the risk of injury caused by DIY-related accidents.

You may blame the low-cost tools or materials at some point, but no one’s responsible for your safety except you.

It’s important to consider hiring a professional to help guarantee your safety and protection from start to finish.

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