4 Handyman Jobs That You SHOULD NOT D.I.Y.

Having a handy person around the house is something that everybody wants. You can save a lot of time and money if you or a family member is a handy person.

Some home projects are D.I.Y. projects. Handyman maintenance projects like cleaning your A.C. unit or fixing a faulty faucet are easy to do. You can watch easy-to-follow YouTube videos that can guide you.

However, no matter how good you are with handyman work, some projects at home are not meant to be home D.I.Y. projects.

There are handyman works that may be too complicated for an untrained person. These are projects that may be impossible to complete, even if you follow a detailed video guide.  

Although the goal is to save money, you may find yourself spending more if you try a complicated D.I.Y. project and fail. You might end up having to buy replacement parts and hiring a handyman to finish the work for you.

There is also work that is too dangerous for a handyman. Any work that requires working with electricity must be left to professional electricians. Electricity kills.

We all want to acquire new skills, and we all want to save money, but the bitter truth is, some home maintenance projects are best left to experts in the property maintenance business.

As much as we want to prove to ourselves that we can do many things even without proper training, sometimes the best thing to do is sit back and let the experts do all the work.

Electrical Works

Electrical Works

The number of Australians getting hospitalized for electrical injuries is on the rise. Between July of 2014 and June of 2016, around 1,065 people sustained electrical injuries and got hospitalized.

Of the cases mentioned above, 47% were people performing professional electrical work while 14% involved performing house maintenance.

The data above underscores the need to let professionals handle any electrical repair at home. An electrician contractor has the required skills and training to handle electric wiring connections safely.

Although simple tasks such as replacing busted electrical bulbs are safe to perform, heavy electrical work requires a licensed electrician’s expertise.

Replacing light switches, electrical powerpoints, or electrical switches are best left in the hands of trained electrical tradies.

Be sure to get professional assistance if you need to replace or repair electrical wiring or electricity wire connections. This is crucial, especially if you need to work on exposed wires such as those stripped by rats.

Trying to D.I.Y. a heavy electrical work can lead to injuries not just for you but also for other family members. It may also lead to more extensive repairs and costly replacements.

There is a reason why professionals who perform electric repairing work need licenses. They are trained on safety procedures not just for themselves but for their clients’ sake.

When your family’s safety is on the line, calling a licensed electrical contractor is the most sensible thing you can do. It will cost you money, but there is no price tag for your family’s safety.

Complicated Plumbing Works

Complicated Plumbing Works

Simple plumbing repairs like fixing a leaking faucet or unclogging a drain are easy to perform and do not require a plumber’s assistance. However, complicated plumbing repairs are best left to the experts.

If you need to work on the plumbing of a house and it requires working with your sewerage system or your drinking water, you need to call a licensed plumber as required by the Plumbing Code of Australia.

A toilet installation or toilet replacement also requires a licensed plumber. Licensed plumbers underwent training and assessments.

Even if you own the needed tools, there are reasons why you need to call a licensed plumber for some work that involves the plumbing in a home.

D.I.Y. plumbing can be dangerous and costly. The most common result of an improper D.I.Y. plumbing project is flooding. Flooding can result from improperly installing a toilet or replacement toilets. It can also be a result of accidentally bursting a pipe that you’re repairing.

Flooding is incredibly destructive if it happens on the second floor of your home. Floodwater can go down and damage furniture and electrical appliances downstairs.

Flooding can also result in electrical shortages. What makes it even dangerous is the possibility of electrocutions if the floodwater gets in contact with your electrical circuit.

D.I.Y. plumbing can also lead to enormous expenses. Fixing your water heater system may lead to irreparable damage, which might lead to a replacement of the entire heater system.

There are many reasons why the government requires plumbers to undergo proper training before getting a license. Licensed plumbers are trained to deliver results that are safe and compliant with Australian laws.  

The next time that you feel confident that you can fix a toilet on your own think twice and call a licensed plumbing professional.

HVAC Works  

HVAC Works

Working with HVAC is another D.I.Y. project that is best left to professionals. The most that you should attempt is periodically clean your air conditioning unit.

If you want to perform air conditioning installation, air conditioning maintenance, and air conditioning repair service in Australia, you need to obtain a Contractor License for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

There are several reasons why the government restricts air conditioning units and refrigeration systems to licensed contractors.

For one, servicing of air conditioners requires working with high-voltage systems. Heating systems also work on high-voltage systems. As mentioned in the previous section, working with electrical systems is dangerous.

Aside from risking electrocution, you also risk causing sparking or burning of wires. This might lead to a fire breaking out. It can also cause damage to other parts of your HVAC unit.

Air con installation and A.C. repairs also entail handling harmful chemicals. Hazardous chemicals like refrigerants can cause health problems. You also need to know how to dispose of these dangerous chemicals properly.

Air conditioning units and heating systems come with warranties. Maintenance of air conditioners and heating systems by a non-licensed professional can void their warranties. It is also the reason why only licensed contractors should try installing air conditioning systems.

You also risk damaging your home’s gas lines while working on your heating system. This may put your family and your property in danger.

Instead of risking harm to you and your family, it will be better just to call a professional. Don’t rely on how-to-air-conditioner repair videos that may cause more damage.

Hire a licensed tradie and let the contractor safely do the work for you.

Removal of Asbestos  

If you live in a house built before the 1980s, chances are, you are living with asbestos. Asbestos is a popular additive to many building materials from the 1930s to the mid-70s.

Builders use asbestos because of its fire-resistant qualities. They used it as an additive to plasters, sheetrock, concrete, electrical breakers, vinyl floor tiles, and many other construction materials.

Although asbestos is useful in making construction materials durable, asbestos is a hazardous material.

It easily crumbles and releases fibres into the air. Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause serious health issues.

Asbestos fibres lodge into the lungs and tissues of the body. Asbestos is the leading cause of respiratory diseases such as Asbestosis, Lung Cancer, and Mesothelioma.

Because of the inherent danger associated with asbestos, asbestos removals should only be attempted by licensed contractors. Licensed contractors have proper training in the safe removal of asbestos.

Asbestos removalists use proper protective equipment when they remove asbestos. They also know the procedures to ensure safety when disposing of asbestos.

Asbestos removalists also ensure that asbestos fibres do not spread to other parts of the house or building where they are conducting asbestos removal operations.

If you attempt to remove asbestos without proper training and equipment, you might cause asbestos fibres to disperse. This may compromise the health of other members of the family.

Asbestos removal is not a D.I.Y. project. You cannot just Google How is Asbestos Removed and then follow the instructions. Safely removing and disposing asbestos is a home maintenance project best left to the experts.

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