4 Handyman Jobs That Your Husband Probably Can’t Do

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The husband is the man of the house who you can rely on to fix most household problems. Though, your husband can probably fix various household problems, there are still some tasks around the house that is best left to a professional handyman to handle.

Handyman jobs may look simple at first glance. But most of the handyman jobs require a licence before any professional can do them. Here are 4 handyman jobs that your probably husband can’t do.


Concreting is usually performed when you renovate your porch, walkways, and driveways. Aside from not having the required licence, your husband (who we presume isn’t a licensed tradesman!)  shouldn’t do this particular job because of the danger it may cause including skin irritation and chemical burn.

Other reasons why you should hire a professional handyman to do concreting work are the following:

  • Planning the whole task ahead of time

Planning is always the key to ensure the entire project will run smoothly and finished on the agreed deadline. The handyman will make sure that the area is clean and prepared for the concrete pouring. They also will choose the right aggregates to use as well as its shape and size. Let’s face, when it comes to DIY do most husbands do alot of planning? We rest our case.

  • Know the right curing time

The main components of the curing process are moisture and heat. This will help the concrete to harden over time. For those impatient husbands, this may make or break the process!

  • Mixing the right amount of water to cement

Mixing concrete is like a combination of a Math and Science problem. For it to be effective, you must mix the right amount of water to the concrete. The water needed varies on the type of concrete you purchased.

  • Know how to make concrete last long

A professional handyman always ensures to complete their job effectively. For concrete jobs, they will make it durable so that it can last for a long time. They do this by adding reinforcement to the concrete mixture. These mixtures can be any of these: plastic, fiber, glass, and metal.


If you’re planning to renovate your outdoor space, bricklaying is one of the handyman jobs that you will be needing. Bricklaying is a job that places bricks to construct a structure, it can be in straight rows, shapes or with a design. Most of the materials used by bricklayers are clay bricks, concrete blocks and pre-cut stone.

Everyone, including husbands, thought that this type of handyman job is easy since they are only going to lay bricks. But it’s not because it includes serious tasks such as the following:

  • They are working and reading the project’s specifications and plans.
  • They operate machinery like brick cutting machines.
  • They use other elements such as damp-resistant materials to seal foundations.


Plastering is one of the handyman jobs that involves coating of the ceiling and internal walls with different types of plaster. The common type of plaster used is clay, lime, gypsum and cement. This job is best performed by a professional handyman because it requires techniques and knowledge that only a licence handyman can do. Not to mention, it is physically draining.

If you wonder why plastering is a must-do in home renovations, here are the following reasons:

  • Plaster is a better option for insulation

Most handymen say that the thicker your walls are, the better the insulation it will provide. This is the reason plaster becomes a much better option for insulation than drywall. The plaster’s thickness varies on the type you use.

  • Plaster can help to heal cracks

There are types of plaster that are a great help in healing cracks on your wall. One of the well-known types is the lime plaster. This is because lime plaster is undergoing carbonation. Carbonation is a curing process that causes it to constantly rebuild bonds between its particles.

  • Plaster last longer

Compared to a drywall, plaster is much thicker and harder. So, when you install this at home, you can assure that it will last longer. It’s total money-saver!

  • Plaster helps to reduce the carbon dioxide from the air

Everyone aims to provide a safe and healthy home for their family. This is achievable to maintain by applying lime plasters on your interior walls and ceiling. This is because lime itself is carbon neutral.

During the plastering job, the handyman must observe safety and healthy measures all the time.


A welding job is one of the handyman jobs that should ONLY be performed by a professional handyman or professional welder. This is because this job requires operating a machine that produces fumes that can be dangerous in one’s health.

When a handyman works on your home, make sure that the following safety precautions are met:

  • The handyman must wear earplugs, non-flammable long-sleeve shirt, welding gloves, closed-toe shoes, and a full-face welding mask.
  • The handyman must work in an area that is free from flammable materials.
  • The handyman must work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Before turning on the machinery, the handyman must ensure that there are no water puddles around the area. Your husband may keep the beer stock nearby!
  • Once the handyman is working, NEVER allow observers to come near it. You wouldn’t want your husbands mates recording a Facebook Story now!

Most homeowners hire a handyman for welding jobs if they want a new custom-made barbeque grill, gates or TV tray tables.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Anete Lusina via Pexels

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