How Much Does a Professional Carpenter Cost per Hour?

The average carpenter hourly rate varies depending on the State, job requirement and the tradie’s level of experience. According to Payscale, the average pay for carpenters is $30.42 per hour.

Job search engine Neuvoo also provides a detailed analysis of a carpenter’s pay rates on a yearly basis. For entry-level positions, carpenters receive less than $30 or around $29 per hour (which plays around $55,000 per year). On the other hand, experienced workers can earn up to $122,247 annually. If the average carpenter wage per hour is $38, then the yearly salary would be around $74,096.

Undoubtedly, an experienced carpenter’s rate is different from beginners. Likewise, earnings can change depending on your region. In NSW, carpenters can earn $78,000 yearly. Those working in Victoria can get an annual wage of $72,150.

The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations Code (ANZSCO) has also presented a list of a carpenter’s (and joinery’s) salary in 2018. Based on the data gathered from Indeed in the past 3 years, the average carpenter hourly rate was $39.69.

This 2019, it went up to $39.90, which is a bit higher from 2018. Here’s a brief summary of average hourly rates across different States:

  • Victoria: $40.57
  • ACT: $39.15
  • Northern Territory: $38.82
  • Western Australia: $37.60
  • South Australia: $36.99
  • QLD: $35.98

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Average Salary Based On Occupations

Along with the region, occupations or job titles are one of the few factors that dictate the ebb and flow of a carpenter’s rate. Some examples of these occupations are maintenance carpenters, formwork carpenters, and precast formwork carpenters.

For example, a carpenter working in Victoria earns around $32 to $42 hourly rates. In the same State, precast formwork carpenters receive $50 to $60 per hour, which is higher than that of a general carpenter.

Partnered with years of experience, specialised carpenters acquire a higher range of salary compared with the others.

The ANZSCO also compares the weekly $1,586 rate of all carpentry and joinery occupations from mid-2017’s statistics. According to the data, the percentage increased by 2.6 per cent.

Will there be an increasing demand for carpenters in the coming years?

With more houses to be built this year and in the future, the demand for carpentry workers will continue. That being said, these tradies can be exposed to wider career opportunities and may obtain higher salaries.

However, it’s important to find those who have gained enough exposures in the field. That way, you’ll make the most of your invested money and enjoy the results long-term.

Carpenters For Hire

If you’re hiring a professional and experienced carpenter to work on your construction projects, ask for sample works. In the majority of their job assignments, have they reached the expectations of the clients? Have they worked on the same kind of carpentry jobs and requirements before?

Before making any agreement, ask for a copy of trade and training certificates to help ensure that they qualify for the job. If you’re renting, seek first your landlord’s approval or get his feedback before taking actions.

Knowing the average carpenter hourly rate lets you organise the tasks that need to be dealt with. It also helps you arrange your finances without getting caught unprepared. Just be sure to hire the most qualified carpenter in your area.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Somor via Pixabay

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