How to Find Trusted Tradies Using Tradie Apps

Yellow Pages and newspapers ads are some of the common resources on where you can find a professional tradie. But thanks to today’s technology, finding trusted tradies is just a few clicks or taps away! This is with the help of tradie apps.

Tradie apps may be considered as the newest resources on the block when looking for a trusted tradie and is proven to be effective and handy. This is because it offers a smarter solution for you to connect with the right tradies. Here’s how to find trusted tradies using tradie apps:

Post the trade you need

After installing the tradie app on your mobile phone or tablet, you can start the process by clicking the ‘Get Quotes’ or ‘Get Started’ button. From there you will be directed to a form where you can input all the necessary information about the trade you need such as job category, location, type of job and description.

In writing the description, it’s a must to make it as detailed as possible. You must include the size of the affected areas, type of the property and if you already have the materials needed or not. If you can’t describe it in words, you can upload photos. This is a good way for the tradie to fully understand the extent of the job.

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Aside from that, you also need to specify the urgency level of the job and your personal contact information. ‘Is my personal information secured?’ This is the primary concerns of most homeowners when posting a job through tradie apps, and the answer is yes. These apps have their own privacy protection policy. There are even some tradie apps that will give you the right to select the number of tradies that can view your personal contact information.

After completing the form, you can now submit it.

Explore your options

After you posted the job on the tradie apps, the app will find all the relevant tradies on your location. Once they found a match, they will start sending you the tradies’ details and ratings. This is your opportunity to find the best tradies for the job.

If you found the tradies you want, it’s advisable to interview the tradie first before hiring. This is for you to ensure that he’s the best tradie for the job. You can do this by using the tradie app’s messaging board. The interview questions that you may ask the tradies are ‘What’s your estimated completion date?’ and ‘Do you have experience in handling the same job?’.

If you still have doubts, you can do some detective works yourself. This is by searching the tradies’ name on the government website of registered tradies.

Choose the best tradie

Aside from interviewing tradies, other factors that you must consider before choosing the best tradie are feedback ratings and price rates.

No one likes unpleasant surprises. To ensure you will never encounter any of it, you have to check the tradies’ feedback rating. For the pricing rates, it will be different per location. To ensure that you will not overpay, you can research the rates (per hour, job and experience) in your location.

Once you have found the tradie that is right for the job and within your budget, you can choose that tradie. The tradie will come to your doorstep at the date and time you agreed upon.

Rate the tradie

Ratings are very helpful in tradie apps. This is everyone’s way to see if one person is a serious tradie or not. So once the job has been completed, don’t forget to go back to the tradie app and rate the tradie you hired.

It is also worth noting that tradie ratings can be manipulated, especially with dedicated review websites. But a clear indication of a positively reviewed tradie is one with a high number of positive reviews across different review channels – this can include Google My Business, Yellow Pages

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