What You Need to Know About Finding a Handyman

Your husband is away on business and you’ve noticed your front door has a loose hinge. Who is the best person to call?

When it comes to minor repairs or small construction jobs, it’s best to hire a handyman. DIY might work, but for your safety and convenience, a handyman’s expertise can be trusted.

Remember, several damages equate to larger costs.

What Does a Handyman Do?

Generally, a handyman is not a builder or a contractor. A handyman is known for being the “jack of all trades” who can perform simple home improvement jobs or minor fixes.

Handymen are not required to have a licensed trade to work around the house. They are equipped with tools and techniques to do basic carpentry, gardening, concreting and many others.

A good and reliable handyman:

  • Responds to urgent tasks and provides 24/7 emergency service to meet your needs.
  • Is insured and brings the necessary tools to complete the job requested.
  • Holds an updated police check upon entering your premises.
  • Performs the job with a high degree of care and safety.
  • Cleans up the work area to prevent health hazards and accidents.

Handymen are not the best options for plumbing jobs and electrical works. The reason behind is that these types of projects require appropriate licences to perform the task. It’s important to hire a licensed plumber and electrician if you need to have your drainage system or electrical wirings checked. Doing so ensures your safety and safeguards your finances. Common handyman services include:

Maintenance. This involves small paving works, concreting, garden clean-ups, lawn mowing and gutter cleaning. A seasoned handyman knows the process and guarantees quality service.

Repairs. Whether the job includes small repairs on your roof, tile and cornice, a professional handyman can handle the requirements with ease.

Installation. The scope of work involves blinds and curtains, home insulation, skylights, door screens, cabinetry and carports. TV installation and wall mounting are also part of that role.

If there’s a need to accomplish certain repairs and installation works, you may hire a handyman or two to meet the requirements within the limited time period.

What to Look for When Hiring a Handyman

Choosing the right tradie to work with you is not easy. It’s important to consider the important factors before hiring. Here are some tips to help you become confident in your decision:

Check the work experience. If your prospect often accepts painting jobs and you want to give your room a boost, then that handyman is most likely the perfect choice for the project. Seeing their sample works also gives you an idea of their forte.

Verify credentials. Someone who excels through training, experience and professional networking can be trusted. Check to see if your prospect is involved in industry-related groups or community. Make sure to verify the necessary certifications including the insurance to secure your property.

Clarify the costs. Asking for a quote is advisable to make the payment justifiable. The overall cost varies depending on each State and the complexity of the job. If your prospective handyman begins to charge you for an upfront cost, it’s safe to look for others who are worth your time and money.

Ask for availability. Hiring a handyman who provides 24/7 services can be less worrisome. Working with someone who gives less value to your schedule may signal a red flag. Check from previous clients to know if that tradie is courteous, approachable and responsive to your urgent needs.

Consider their communication. Professional handymen understand the importance of proper communication. A handyman who takes time to explain every aspect of the trade, provide clients with regular updates and listen to them is a big plus. Try to observe during the consultation and ask about their approach when it comes to communication.

Becoming aware of these considerations can guide you in choosing the right handyman. Whether you’re doing an outdoor maintenance project or simple home upgrades, make sure to ask for relevant details to avoid future disputes. Doing so gives you the assurance of your safety and convenience.

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