What You Need to Know About Furniture Assembly Service

Nothing beats the excitement and joy of choosing a new piece of furniture for your home.

Imagine yourself wandering around the furniture store, skimming through the countless different pieces of furniture that will fit and accent your space. However, when you take it home, your excitement quickly fades as you don’t know how to put the pieces together. What you need is a furniture assembly service.

The process of putting together the pieces of flat pack furniture can be stressful and troublesome. If you decide to do it yourself, there’s no assurance that you can do it correctly since the box contains many pieces that need to be put up together with cryptic instruction, often written by a manufacturer with poor English.

You may need someone to assemble your furniture to avoid this challenge altogether. A professional furniture assembler can put these pieces together quickly and properly. This article highlights things you need to know about an assembling furniture service.

How Much Does Furniture Assembly Cost?

The first question on your mind when it comes to an assembly service will undoubtedly be, how much would furniture assembly cost?

To answer will depend on the size, complexity and number of articles you can expect to pay around $50 to $60 per hour for these services. Try to agree prices in advance to ensure each party is aware of their obligations.

Flat Pack Furniture – What Is It?

One of the most popular types of furniture is flat pack furniture. When you purchase it, it commonly comes disassembled in a box. You will be the one to put it together before you can use it. These types of furniture contain small tools and screws you can use in setting up your furniture.

You can find flat pack furniture in stores like IKEA. Many other furniture stores and decor boutiques also offer flat pack furniture. If you are looking to furnish your home, it is worth checking the options.

Benefits of Hiring a Flat Pack Furniture Assembler

When it comes to furniture assembly, you might be thinking twice if you need to hire an assembler. After all, you could do it yourself, right?

Remember, it is a tricky task. Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of hiring an assembly service.

1. Vast Experience in Furniture Assembly

You can’t merely beat a professional’s full range of experience when it comes to flat pack furniture assembly.  These professionals may have built the same piece of furniture several times in their entire career. Even if they haven’t worked on your exact flat pack item, the chances are high that they have tackled a similar item before.

2. Time Savvy

With furniture assemblers’ experience comes efficiency. This makes it possible for them to tackle furniture assembly tasks with accuracy and perfection.

Working with a professional furniture assembler generally ensures that your flat pack item will be finished much sooner. That way you can relax instead of stressing about putting together the furniture components.

3. Right Tools on Hand

Having the right tools to assemble your furniture correctly makes you a step ahead of the game. While most flat pack items come with small tools that you need to assemble it, that doesn’t mean that these tools are the best.

In some cases, the flat pack may not even come with basic tools. You would have to find something that will work in your home instead. Whether your purchased pack contains tools or not, you are comforted that an assembly service has it covered.

4. Keep Furniture in Good Condition

Hiring a furniture assembly professional will ensure your furniture to be in optimum condition. Attaching the wrong components can lead to damage. It can have a lasting effect that can be difficult to remedy. It is much better to hire a furniture assembly service to put the components together without risk of damage.

5. Doesn’t Require a Clean-up After

Deciding to go the DIY route will not only require you to put your furniture pieces together, but you will also need to clean up afterwards. You need to tidy up all the packaging materials and the extra parts. When you hire an assembler, they will assemble the furniture and should clean up afterwards, streamlining the entire assembly process.

Preparing Your Home for the Assembling Furniture Service

It is a vital step in preparing for an assembly service to clear out your home. They need space to build the furniture. Clear out rugs, upholsteries, and any furniture that will obstruct the process. Clearing out space ahead of time will help your furniture assembly service to put your new furniture in place and can save you money.

If you have found the perfect flat pack item for your home, hire a trusted furniture assembly service through HIREtrades so you can start enjoying your newly purchased furniture in your house.

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