Characteristics Of A Good Handyman For Hire

Looking for a good handyman for hire involves careful thoughts and considerations. If you value ethics and quality of work, you’ll invest more time (and sometimes, money) to get the best handyman out there.

A prospective handyman who’s obtained long years of industry experience may not be a perfect choice. While it counts to have high levels of familiarity and confidence in doing the job, work attitude trumps skills.

Here are a few qualities to check when finding the best handyman for hire:

Honest and Genuine

Honesty comes in two aspects: one is client dealings and the other centers on the job itself. Although it also applies to other tradies, it’s good to know how they value truthfulness.

For instance, a good handyman will rightly tell you if he can take on the project within your preferred timeframe or not. Whether the job breeds good returns, if a prior request from another client has come first, he will be honest. Somehow, it lessens the possibility of getting disappointed.

In terms of work, if a certain fix-it feature (e.g. door, shower base) needs a little amendment, a trusted handyman can settle the issue right away. Consequently, a handyman who claims to have it replaced, and not perform quick repairs, may signal a red flag.

Likewise, a good handyman will recommend a more qualified tradie if a particular job is outside their scope of expertise.

Well-trained and knowledgeable

Credentials and industry exposure are important when looking for handyman-for-hire prospects. Imagine having to supervise the tradie when doing minor fixes or installations? You wouldn’t want to end up rectifying or hiring another handyman after the first attempt, do you?

Some aspects to verify are special trades certificates such as the Certificate of Hardware & Handyman Skills, insurance packages and online reviews. Licences may not be a requirement, but a good record of advanced courses and training is a big plus.

Dealing with a handyman with insurance helps to reduce your worries. Knowing that your property and finances are safe from damage costs somehow gives you peace. Reading customer feedback also makes it easier to determine their level of professionalism.

So if a handyman for hire is what you are looking for, make sure they have certain requirements to show.

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Dedicated and Organised

A good handyman for hire is someone who doesn’t only do what is expected of him. Does the tradie clean up the work area after the job? It’s always best to choose a tradie who exceeds your expectations and that’s one vital aspect to check.

In terms of handling their tools, do they put them in proper place without obstructing the way? Do they follow health and safety standards while doing on-site work? It’s good to be aware of these qualities to make the right decision – that is to pick the best handyman.

On-Time and Courteous

Like with other professions, punctuality is one of the most vital qualities a handyman can possess. Does the handyman commit to start and finish according to the agreed schedule? How will you discern if what he promises to do is true? Try to entrust a small job to that handyman, whether it’s a simple furniture assembly or basic tiling.

Tradies who value your time as much as they value theirs are worth considering. Would you risk hiring someone who doesn’t show up on time? Of course, some might not dare to admit that initially. This is why devoting time for rigorous research is essential.

Another question to ask yourself before deciding is: Does the handyman show respect and courtesy? You can easily spot unprofessional tradies during the initial stages. Look at the following signs:

Asks for upfront costs. Whether a sole trader or employed, a handyman who demands clients to pay advanced payments should not be considered. While it doesn’t automatically mean that they’d leave the job unfinished, it pays to set your standard.

Doesn’t pay attention to your concerns. You can easily spot on unprofessional handymen if they care more about their intuition more than yours. Although they provide professional advice and are more knowledgeable, it’s important that they still listen to and consider your promptings.

Fails to provide references of previous clients. Ask your prospective handyman for a copy of past clients (i.e. addresses) who have undergone the same work you have required. If they couldn’t show or discuss anything related to the job, consider moving to another option.

Choose The Best Handyman For Hire

As you make your choice, evaluate them one by one. Do they exude honesty? Excellence? Dedication? Punctuality? It would be best if they have all these qualities in one.

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