Get A Handyman With Insurance Before It’s Too Late

Sure, fixing a broken windowpane or a cabinet can be easy. But when someone gets injured or a furniture piece gets damaged, a handyman carrying handyman insurance in Australia will help both sides if the worse happens.

Like other tradies (e.g. builders, plumbers) who need to secure insurance, handymen are expected to have such measures as they face different risks on-site.

Whether the job requires simple or complex procedures, there will be chances of mishaps.

How does handyman insurance in Australia benefit both parties?

If you think simple artwork, plastering on ceilings or bathroom tiling can be done with no possibility of accidents, think again.

Dropping weighty objects on timber or tiled floor can lead to cracks, dents and damages not just on the surface but on the structure itself. Likewise, drilling a hole in the wrong spot can add to the cost.

So if you hire a handyman without mentioning anything about insurance, you could suffer from paying the necessary costs when something goes wrong.

You will be liable to shoulder the expenses that involve repairs or replacement IF the handyman claims to have no insurance.

On another note, handymen could lose client trust when a personal mistake or accident is made. With this in mind, acquiring insurance should be a non-negotiable prerequisite for these tradies.

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What are some common types of handyman insurance in Australia?

Public Liability Insurance

Getting a handyman with this type of insurance should be a priority. This policy saves you from paying for something that you’re not liable for in the event of third-party injury or damaged property.

Defence costs and client compensation are a few of its inclusion, which help to benefit the tradie. On your part, there’s nothing to worry about shelling out money for unexpected repair costs.

Personal Accident

Acquiring injuries can make a handyman unable to work for weeks, months or even a year (if the case is severe).

Getting into accidents involving slips, falls or slips can happen anytime so make sure your handyman is financially covered.

While this type is more likely to benefit the tradie, it’s good to have it verified before the job commences to know they’re protected as well.

In case of inevitable circumstance, both you and the tradie can take the hassle of carrying financial burden.

Business Pack

For self-employed handymen who plan to venture out into a full-fledged business, investing highly on insurance becomes more necessary.

Reliable insurance providers recommend group insurance coverage to avoid significant losses.

Under one policy, the Business Pack enables businesses to customise the coverage depending on their needs and preference.

Some sections include professional indemnity, machinery breakdown, business interruption (caused by fire, burglary, etc) and many others.

Businesses that offer handyman services should secure this type of insurance to reduce the amount of money spent for replenishment.

However, if the handyman works individually, applying for personal accident or public liability insurance can suffice the need.

Take Time To Check Your Handyman’s Insurance

The cost might be a bit higher than usual, but you won’t regret having someone (with insurance) to take full responsibility for the situation.

So whether you’re dealing with a sole trader or a business, it’s always best to bring up questions concerning their insurance. Asking for a copy of certificates or any supporting documents can help validate the claim.

As a general rule, avoid hiring a handyman who doesn’t have insurance. If you do, you can happily make the most of your investments with no regrets.

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