Here Are Some Notable Handyman Business Names

There’s a pool of handyman business names that you will know when choosing a tradie to do small fixes and setups.

Remember those fictional, cartoon handymen (and repairmen) that you (or your kids) get to watch? Handy Manny, Bob the Builder and Fix-It Felix from the famous Wreck-It Ralph movie, just to name a few.

Some handyman businesses names were inspired by these characters (which make them catchy and even more interesting).

Check out these cool (and witty) handyman business names out there!

Hire A Hubby

Undoubtedly one of the most popular (and largest) handyman businesses in the country. Not only is Hire A Hubby targeting single women but also wives out there. Wait, could the hubbies themselves hire a hubby too to help them with a few repairs around the house?

While this catchy business name gets the interest of most homeowners, it pays to check the quality of service they provide. To do that, you could easily get feedback from past clients. Also, what people may not know is they partner with and support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

So if you’re looking to get a handyman for minor home improvement jobs, consider them. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything house related while your husband is out for work or out-of-town business trip. Give them a break sometimes!

Fantastic Handyman

Here comes the unsung hero of non-DIY homeowners. From the name itself, Fantastic Handyman provides superb property improvement solutions to its clients. With its methodical approach in supervising work procedures, you can expect quality and accurate results.

Whether it’s a broken hinge or window pane, you can heavily rely on their ability to save your precious door and window. (But don’t forget to ask for HIREtrades’ assistance to find reliable tradies online.)

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Sydney Wide Handyman

If there’s a friendly neighbourhood that locals can call, your neighbourhood handyman also comes to the rescue (and he isn’t fictional). Sydney Wide Handyman is apparently a dedicated handyman business across the busy (and beautiful) state of Sydney.

The owner himself was raised in a culture of fixing and building everything so you can be sure of highly cared for results from start to finish. Bearing the name since 2000, Sydney Wide Handyman can get any maintenance or repair jobs done in no time.


Finally, homeowners have found a respected handyman team in town. Odd jobs are not a problem if you’ve got MrHandyman in the house. Not only do they promise to be versatile in carpentry projects and general repairs. They also carry out restoration on a few stuff that gives you headache.

MrHandyman gives you the advantage of relaxing at home while they settle some stressful issues around your home. With reasonable rates, you can save more for you and your family. (Has MrHandyman found his MsHandyman yet?)

A Handy App For Added Help

Look them up in the list if one of these handyman business names show up. If not, using your HIREtrades app can have your posted jobs seen by professional handymen. Remember, your location and requirements matter. Rest assured that our handymen are legit tradies with hammer powers, and not fake (we don’t want that!).

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