Got jobs around the house? Hire a handyman!

hire a handyman

Coming home after work to be welcomed by household problems isn’t the best scenario for everyone. Most people won’t hire a handyman and instead give it a go at fixing it themselves, especially if the problem is minor.

But the reality is if a problem is going to occur it can occur at anytime. Here are 8 household problems that a handyman can fix for you:

Damaged Steel Fixtures

Steel is one of the common materials used in house construction. This is because steel is known for its durability and resistance from rust. Though it can last longer, it still can acquire damages over time. The common damages on steel are holes, scratches, and signs of delamination. When these problems arise, it’s best to hire a handyman because they know exactly what solution to apply for each problem.

Squeaky Door

A squeaky door is one of the most common household problems. Some homeowners solve this by applying candle wax or lubricating oil on the hinge pins. Since the squeaking is commonly caused by friction, those solutions are effective.

But if the hinge pins or door leafs are damaged or bend out of shape, it’s advisable to hire a handyman to fix it. This is because handymen have the right tools and skills to do the job including the welding. Welding is one of the ways to smoothen the hinge pins or door leaf back to its normal shape.

Broken Flooring Tiles

Tiles add an elegant touch on your floor. But once it breaks, it doesn’t look good nor is it safe to leave unattended to . Fixing it seems to be easy, you only have to remove the cracked tiles, scrape the grout in the area, apply glue or cement below the new tiles, place it on and grout the replacement.

But the truth is replacing tiles is more complicated than you thought particularly the removal part. This is because you have to ensure that when you remove the cracked tiles, the other tiles will remain intact. This is the reason it’s recommended to hire a handyman for this type of job because they know the proper way to remove it.

Damp on Walls

Damp on walls is one of the complex household problems because this is an effect of one or more problems that you have at home. Damp on walls is caused by excessive moisture. This moisture may come from a damaged roof where rainwater can enter or leaky pipes.

Not only that, this problem can lead to a more serious problem – moulds. So when you see damp on your walls, no matter the size is, you should immediately hire a handyman.

Cracks on Basement Concrete Walls

Another problem that can occur on the walls is cracks. Cracks are commonly caused by unstable soil, earthquakes, and excessive moisture. Some believe that the severity of the crack can be determined through its shape and size. If the crack runs vertically, you generally don’t have to worry because it’s usually just a minor crack. But if it runs horizontally, has a width close to an inch, or pointed at 45 degrees angle then the problem maybe serious.

Deck-related Damage

Since decks are made of wood, there are tons of problems that may arise over time. Some of these problems include fading, rotting due to excessive water exposure and weakening.  If you notice any of these problems on your deck, you should hire a handyman to repair it. Or better yet, upgrade it to make it more functional or fit your style.

Pavement Problems

The weather temperature is one of the primary causes of pavement damage. If damages started to show on yours such as cracks or potholes, it’s best to hire a handyman. This will ensure that you will receive a quality job that can last for long years.

Installing New Furniture

This may not be a household problem, but it could turn into a real problem. The problem usually occurs once you finished the installation and you realised that there’s still one screw on your hand. And for some reason, you couldn’t figure out what’s that for. To avoid facing these instances, it’s best to hire a handyman to do the job.

A professional handyman has the experience installing different furniture even without reading the manual. They can even explain to you the overall procedure if you wish to know.

A household problem shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once you find one, you should immediately hire a handyman. This is to avoid the problem spreading to the entire house, leading to more expensive repairs.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Jarmoluk via Pixabay

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